Meet AussieSlots Casino Streamer 2022

If you like to watch online gaming or Esports, you should be familiar with Twitch gambling streamers. Virtual casino gaming has been popular since 2018, allowing regular gamblers to find their niche online. Some popular streamers choose casino broadcasting as their main job and others use it to supplement their main income.

The AussieSlots Streamer

Building audience presence is as important as your gaming talent in online streaming. This is something that is not easy to achieve because there are already many popular casino streamers online. One of the newest online casino players is AussieSlots.

Streamer Fame

Who is Twitch’s AussieSlots? AussieSlots started streaming in 2020 and has been gathering many viewers since then. AussieSlots streamer never reveals his real name or age to the public to protect his privacy. However, his viewers say that AussieSlots must be at least in his late twenties or early thirties by now.

As is the name, AussieSlots is in Australia and uses the country’s currency to place large bets while gambling. AussieSlots became popular because of his high stakes and enthusiastic chatting with his viewers. You can watch AussieSlots regularly in various online casinos, roulette, slots, live play gaming, and others.

AussieSlots Net Worth Estimated

AussieSlots is a very private person who discloses very little personal information. His net worth and earnings are no exception. This is very common, and many online casino streamers do not publish their profits. However, by doing a simple computation of the data, you can estimate AussieSlot’s net worth.

For example, YouTube will pay AussieSlots $0.18 per view, and since he opened his account, he’s had 42,259 views. $0.18 multiplied by 42,267 is $7,608.06, which means that YouTube has already paid almost $8,000 to AussieSlots over two years. AussieSlots was registered as a Twitch affiliate which means he can make at least 50% or $2.50 revenue on each subscriber.

Twitch pays an average of $3 per view, and if Twitch AussieSlots has over 500,000 views, he already earned $1,500,000 from streaming since 2020. If you combined his earnings on these two platforms with the payments from affiliate links, donations, casino winnings, and other sources of income, AussieSlots net worth is $1.5 million or more.

About the Live Streams Channel

Streamers are primarily found on Twitch and YouTube. These platforms make it possible for streamers to reach larger audiences in many locations worldwide. AussieSlots mainly streams on Twitch but also goes live with his YouTube account.


According to YouTube, AussieSlots gaming channel was made on June 6, 2019, but his first-ever gambling video was posted in April 2020. It was a 33-minute video of a $2,000 bonus hunt in different casino slots such as Napoleon, Eye of Horus, and Wild Heist. He recently streamed for 5 hours on his YouTube channel, where he played more than five slot games while he chatted with his viewers.

His most-watched YouTube video is a live play gambling in Dragon Tiger where he used more than $1,000 per game and lost money. His channel has 1.37K subscribers so far who also enjoy replays of his streams, bonus hunts clips and big win moments.


aussieslots twitch stats

Looking at Twitch AussieSlots channel performance, he had an additional 6,983 new followers, which brings him to over 25K followers as of March 2022. He also got 40,137 viewer hours and reached a peak of 1,479 viewers. AussieSlots is live six days a week for at least 10 hours, so you will be able to catch him live all the time.

You should not worry about the times posted on his schedule because his Twitch channel automatically converts it to your local time. Follow AussieSlots streamer on Twitch to be updated on his next live stream to watch and chat with him while he gambles his money.

Is AussieSlots Fake?

If you look in at least one gambling-related forum, you will see people calling most streamers fake. Others will even post videos as proof to get people to join them to ban certain streamers. This is only one of the many experiences of being a casino streamer – the continuous attack and disrespect from people on each forum and even under their live streams.

Gambling experts and AussieSlots viewers do not believe in these allegations. They give credence to AussieSlots’ winnings and high bets because he plays in popular casinos developed by licensed gaming companies, helping them conclude that they are all real and not a scam. Experts also say that the proof presented on the forum is not concrete enough to call AussieSlots streamer fake.

Why Watch AussieSlots Live Streams?

Streamers have their own way of supplying content to their viewers. AussieSlots focuses on providing informative content by sharing his skills to win and offers good quality entertainment while fostering a strong relationship with his viewers. He treats streaming as his main job and is very passionate about doing what he loves. His hard work has made him one of Twitch’s most-watched Australian streamers.

He is a streamer who broadcasts daily and shows a very transparent character to his viewers. His reactions, especially when he won $412,232 in Book of Shadows, made his viewers feel naturally thrilled by watching him get excited on each round. If you were looking for a new streamer with high-quality content, AussieSlots is definitely worthy of your time.

Social Networks

Streamers use social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Discord to connect with their viewers. They share their affiliate links, giveaways, casino and stream updates, and many more on these sites. AussieSlots has accounts on each social site, even Snapchat, but he is only active on his Discord and Facebook accounts.


AussieSlots has been actively using Discord with over 4K members to chat and update his viewers. He and his viewers help new members who need guidance for various online casino games. He also posts affiliate links in Discord since Twitch bans streamers who put affiliate links on their streams. Join AussieSlots’ Discord by typing “!Discord” on the chat on his streams in Twitch.


Check out his Facebook account by searching Aussie Slots – Online Pokies & Gambling. This year, he created a page as a gaming video creator with over 600 followers. On the AussieSlots homepage, you will see a series of questions you can ask him; including things about him and where he currently is. You can get a reply via Facebook Messenger. He posts giveaways and updates and does live broadcasts on his account.


AussieSlots streamer is fortunate to have found his niche in this online gambling industry. His passion for streaming and giving entertainment to his viewers made him what he is today. He had many good and bad experiences, but he enjoys his new career. He loves to give back to his audiences by doing money giveaways and casino bonuses during and after his streams.

AussieSlots may not be as popular as other streamers at the moment. But with the help of his supporters and gambling talent, he will definitely be one of the most popular casino streamers globally.


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