Jarttu84: A Detailed Overview of the Streamer’s Life

In today’s world, hundreds of online live broadcasters cover a wide range of topics. Cooking, chess tournaments, and travel are all popular topics for live streams. Online gaming is no different. Casino streamers who broadcast games while playing serve a functional purpose. They attract casino fans who love watching other people play and bet on casino games. Jarttu84 is one such streamer who focuses on gambling and has a large following.

We’ve compiled all of the fascinating information and figures about Jarttu84 in this post, including his favorite casino and biggest wins.

The Jarttu84 Streamer General Info

Jarttu84 is a high-stakes gambler and a twitch casino gaming streamer who hails from Helsinki, Finland. In general, he provides information regarding online slots. Since Jarttu84 began streaming in 2015, his streams have been viewed more than 5 million times. Players will gain a better understanding of the games he plays after watching his videos. They will also discover which strategies or bonus codes should be used.

Streamer nameJarttu84
OriginSep 26, 2012
Current ResidenceTallinn
Followers54,700 (Twitch)
41,500 (Youtube)
Channel Rankings#60 most-watched Slots channel
#22 most-watched English Slots channel
Highest viewers961 (Twitch)
Total views5,519,262 (Twitch)
30,848,485 (Youtube)
Stream languageEnglish
Sub count502

Before the Popularity

Jarttu84 began gambling at a very young age. The budding streamer was particularly interested in slot games. He tried each and every one of the new slot machines that arrived as soon as they were available.

The Finnish government permitted youngsters over 18 to play casino games online. As a result, he developed a keen interest in gambling and began to explore numerous streams. One night, another streamer’s video caught his eye just as he prepared to drift off to sleep. That person was promoting a deposit bonus. Jarttu84 was eager to give it a go. In the end, it worked out, and he walked away with roughly $500.

This event made him wonder how he was able to pull off such a feat. That’s when he started streaming and he began sending emails to various casinos in the industry. Later on, he established himself and became a full-time twitch streamer.

His Path to Success

Jarttu84 had a difficult time gaining traction in the early stages of his streaming career. For a long period, there was no sign of growth and he was not making any money or earning any fame. He was on the verge of giving up on the whole thing.

However, one random Thursday, things began to improve. His audience grew overnight. Jarttu84 had no idea what to expect because the numbers sounded so out of this world to him. The chat had gotten more lively and friendly. That’s how his stream got so many new viewers and subscribers.

He recognized that he needed to put in more effort and stream more frequently after that experience. In the course of his research, he discovered that those that streamed frequently had a larger following. When he chose to stream every day, his fan numbers immediately soared. He is now a successful married man with two children.

When and Where Jarttu84 Streams

The following are the platforms where Jarttu84 streams regularly. He updates his stream schedule on his social media accounts.


Jarttu84 youtube

Jarttu84 has an active YouTube channel with over 41,500 followers and 30,848,485 views. On May 17, 2016, he launched the channel.

He routinely shares videos of his game recordings as well as highlights of his insane wins. Jarttu84 devotes a significant amount of time to his YouTube channel and writes answers to a large number of comments. Along with the more common questions about slots, bonuses, and online casinos, Jarttu84’s viewers are often curious about his personal life. They’d like to know more about his past gambling experiences and future ambitions.


Jarttu84 twitch

Twitch is the home ground of Jarttu84 streamer because this is where he streams and interacts with his audience the most. 54,700 people tune in to watch him celebrate each victory on his twitch channel.

Jarttu84 is a niche streamer who focuses mainly on slot machines. This month alone, he streamed 173 hours of content. As per our Twitch statistics, he presently has 5,519,262 channel views. Hundreds of gamblers tune in to his fascinating streams, in which he shares his casino gaming experiences.

Casinos He Plays At

Below is a list of casinos that Jarttu84 enjoys playing at. All the casinos he recommends have gambling licenses. He also has affiliate links with them. To obtain a bonus code to play at these casinos, visit Jarttu84’s official website.

  • Wildz
  • SlotNite
  • Caxino
  • Lucky Casino
  • Slots Palace
  • Wheelz
  • Neon Vegas

 4. Jarttu84 Favorite Games

Jarttu84 loves to play games from top providers such as NetEnt, Play’n GO, and Quickspin. The following is a list of his favorite games, all of which he plays frequently.

  • Book of Dead
  • Reactoonz
  • Buffalo King
  • The Dog House
  • Rock Vegas
  • Mega Fortune
  • Dead or Alive

His Biggest Wins

Jarttu84 Casino Streamer, like many online gamblers, has experienced his share of wins and losses. However, the following are the streamer’s top two biggest wins.

8408X on Dead or Alive 2

The game Dead or Alive 2 is incredibly popular. It immerses gamers in a crime-ridden environment. Guns, sheriffs, and wine bottles are the symbols. All three reels have five pay lines. Jarttu84 won €3,786 while playing. That, however, was only the start. Gradually, this amount increased to €25,902. In the end, he took home a whopping €75,675 winnings!

€89,710 On White Rabbit Slot

White Rabbit is a Big Time Gaming slot with an RTP of 97.72 % and high volatility gameplay. There are more than 200,000 different ways to win in this game because of the unique MegaWays feature. Jarttu84 placed a €20 bet at the start of the game. Later, he used Feature Drop on White Rabbit, a high-variance monster slot. He walked away with a whopping €1,800 after just one spin.

Another spin gave him an additional €2,956. The next spin added €5,686 to his wallet. After that, it seemed like every spin was a winner. Jarttu84 came away with the greatest win ever seen in a Twitch casino live stream after expanding all the reels to unlock the full 248832 winning possibilities.

Why Watch Jarttu84 Streams?

Jarttu84 is a cheerful and friendly streamer who goes the extra mile. He frequently hosts giveaways and participates in charity streams. This demonstrates his generous and kind nature.

Tips on Gaming

Jarttu84’s main goal is to educate his audience on how to play and win various casino games with his tips and strategies. To this end, he spends a considerable amount of time live streaming a variety of slot games. On his website, he also engages with his fans on a personal level. If you’re a slot fanatic like this streamer, his channels will be a great resource for you.

Social Media Platforms

Not only is Jarttu84 a well-known face on Twitch and YouTube, but he also has a large fan base on other social media platforms. For the convenience of his audience, the broadcaster uses these platforms to post about different slots, bonuses, giveaways, and schedule streams.


jarttu84 instagram

3,064 people follow Jarttu84 on Instagram. There, the gambler posts information about his personal life as well as about his gambling and casino activities. Fans can get a closer glimpse of the man’s private life, including how he spends his time, where he goes, and what he eats. Jarttu84 has a great love for traveling. When he travels, he takes his family to different destinations where they can enjoy land-based casinos and relax.


jarttu84 twitter

Jarttu84 has 909 active followers on Twitter. It’s where he posts information about his streams as well as giveaways, bonuses, and other gambling-related announcements.


A vibrant community of 1,391 members can be found on the Jarttu84 Discord platform. He frequently provides streaming updates and other relevant information to his community.  He also chats and converses with his audience.


Jarttu84 is also quite active on TikTok where he posts snippets of his live streams and big wins

Official Website

Jarttu84 streamer also has an official website, www.jarttu84.com. The website is a one-stop location with informative and engaging casino reviews and other exciting info. The website also contains info regarding sponsorships and donations. Fans can also check out Jarttu84’s giveaways, exclusive bonuses, sport betting tips, and other gambling-related news. They can also watch his previous streams, check out his favorite casinos, and participate in the forum!

Final Thoughts

Jarttu84 is a sincere and friendly casino streamer who doesn’t attempt to be someone he is not. He writes about casinos, sports betting, withdrawable funds info, and more such casino-related details on his website. You can follow Jarttu84’s streams if you are seeking a wholesome gaming experience with great tips.


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