Heelmike Casino Streamer Overview 2022

If you will be asking, can just anyone be successful in the online streaming industry? The answer is yes because gender, nationality, interest, and education don’t matter in being a broadcaster. As long as you’re of legal age and passionate enough, you can be a streamer. Check out how to earn like Twitch Heelmike (@twitch.tv/heelmike).

Who Is Heelmike

Streamer NameHeelmike
Year Started2018
Streaming AccountsHeelmike Youtube & Twitch
Real NameMichael Peters
Age / Birthdate28 / November 14, 1994

Heelmike is a famous streamer on both Twitch and YouTube. These two sites are the leading platforms for individuals who want to share their experiences to entertain people. Many believe that the success of Heelmike is a result of his regular streams, various content, humorous personality, and luck.

From a regular employee to a million-dollar broadcaster, that is Twitch Heelmike. But who exactly is this man who loves to scream and chat with his viewers while playing Esports games and slots? Find out more about the broadcaster, his journey to success, and Heelmike’s net worth below.

Beginning of His Career

Before entering the slot industry, Mike was a college grad who worked on the Jerry Springer Show. This was a popular talk show on NBC, and he worked as a scriptwriter. Heelmike started his channel to share his daily experiences and topics with other people. Mike is also a gamer, and he tried out many games, including Call of Duty, Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros, GTA5, Fortnite, and slots, to find his niche.

Gaining Popularity

Because of his outstanding stats in 2021, Heelmike entered the list of the fastest-growing Twitch channels in 2022. In 2021, his channel gained 4.1 million followers even after the Heelmike Twitch ban. Other than his top-tier gameplay and good looks that made him famous in Esports, Mike became popular in the slot industry because of his nationality. It is rare to find an American online gambler who is both a low and a high roller on slots.

5 Facts About the Streamer

Here are the five fun facts about the Twitch star Heelmike:

  1. He has been a member and creator of G2 Esports since November 2020.
  2. Due to his popularity, Epic Games gave him custom matchmaking in Fortnite.
  3. His pseudonym Heelmike is related to wrestling. The word “heel” is often used for “bad guy” or a fighter who likes to win without following the game’s rules.
  4. He used to be called “The Goat,” not because of the animal, but as a short form of Greatest Of All Time.
  5. His favorite phrase is “CAWWW,” which means ‘spread worldwide.’

Heelmike’s Net Worth & Estimated Earnings

Looking at the Heelmike Twitter and Instagram accounts, you will see that he is a Twitch and YouTube partner. This means that he earns more than regular or affiliate accounts. He also sells custom merch and stream elements for donations. The actual sum of the Heelmike net worth is still unknown, but noxinfluencer.com estimated his YouTube earnings based on their default CPM.

According to the site, Heelmike has YouTube partner earnings of $22 monthly and $131 sponsorship on each video. To get an idea of Heelmike’s net worth, the estimated daily earnings of Heelmike are $16,245.51, or $467,365.30 a month. For the channel’s annual income, the site stated that the Heelmike YouTube channel earns $5,929,611.15. Take note that this is just an estimation, and the actual amount could be more or less than the estimation.

As a Twitch partner, there are three levels at which followers can choose to subscribe, $4.99, $9.99, and $24.99. The subscription income is usually 50:50, but for large channels like Heelmike, he may get 100%. This is a lot higher than what affiliates get. Heelmike earned $505,075.54 from August 2019 to September 2021 from followers, tips/bits, and ad revenue.

Streaming Accounts to Watch

Who is Heelmike on Twitch and YouTube? Twitch Heelmike does not have streaming schedules. Typically, his live broadcasts last between five and six hours daily, from 10 PM to 3 AM EST time. Like most Twitch streamers who have YouTube accounts, he doesn’t stream on the platform. The Heelmike YouTube account is full of game replays, vlogs, and collab videos.

YouTube Channel

Heelmike has a lot of content to share with his 141K subscribers on YouTube. You can choose from cooking vlogs, attractive women, exciting online slots, and Fortnite gameplay. The stats report from Socialblade dated May 2019 to January 2022 shows that the highest views count was recorded in January 2020, with over 1.7 million views and 40,600 new subscribers.

Heelmike YouTube Channel

Twitch Channel

Twitch Heelmike is a night owl, but his loyal followers worldwide don’t mind it and still watch his streams and chat with him. Heelmike’s big mouth and hilarious reactions on his streams are entertaining. 

The Twitch Heelmike stats report shows that the channel reached 7 million followers in January 2022 and has an average of 300K monthly views since 2018. As of April 2022, his channel has 7.4 million followers.

Twitch Heelmike

Is Heelmike a Fake Streamer?

Is the Heelmike Twitch ban issue real? Yes, Heelmike has been banned three times since 2020. Many said that the Heelmike Twitch ban happened due to sexual content, hate speech, and a new Twitch gambling rule. The channel has not been banned for more than a week, and neither the streamer nor his followers minded.

Is he fake? No, Mike’s channel has diverse content, not just slots. He is a professional Esports gamer and a great content creator. Sometimes he focuses on just chatting with the members of the Heelmike Discord chatroom and doesn’t play at all.

Heelmike’s Favorite Casinos and Biggest Wins

Like many gambling streamers on Twitch, Heelmike plays at online casinos with virtual dealers on live play. His favorite casino, Duelbits Casino, accepts real money and cryptocurrencies and has high-quality slots. Based on experience, it is known that casino streamers like Heelmike get affiliate offers from online casinos. However, there are no data on how much DuelBits pays Mike to promote the casino on his channel.

Mike’s favorite slot games are Sweet Bonanza, Plinko, Crash, Crazy Time, and Blackjack, where he plays against a virtual dealer. Tracking Heelmike’s biggest slot wins is tricky and would take many hours. But on a stream highlight video posted on the Heelmike YouTube channel on May 7, 2021, it seems like Mike won big money on Floating Dragons.

It was Mike’s lucky day, and he started the game with $2,000 and placed small bets. Soon his money went over $9,000, but he and his friend “Q” wanted to play more and called someone who knew the slot guidelines. Unfortunately, instead of winning, he lost more than $5,000, but he continued to play, hoping he would get his winnings back. He did and gained even more. He won a total of $17,352.50, less his capital, and he had a profit of $15,352.50.

Heelmike on Social Media

Heelmike is a Twitch star and has a solid social media presence, which is a great way to gain more audience in the industry. On the “About” Section on his Twitch account, you will see direct links for his custom merch with his logo, PC specs, stream elements, and social media pages like the Heelmike Discord, Twitter and Instagram. You can comment “!Discord” on his streams to instantly join the Heelmike Discord private chat room.

The Heelmike Twitter account opened in September 2018 and has over 50K followers. What you will see on the Heelmike Twitter is not slot or gambling updates but Mike’s life as an Esports gamer and who Heelmike is as a person. This is also where he posts schedules for the Heelmike Discord chat streams and other updates on his new content. Follow him on Twitter and get the latest updates on the broadcaster at @twitter.com/heelmike.

Heelmike’s Instagram is also full of Fortnite, gambling, and personal pictures of him, his family, and beautiful women. His bio says, “It’s not cocky. It’s confidence,” which seems accurate as Mike is very confident in his body, life, and career success. He is very active on IG, Twitter, and on his Heelmike Discord to chat with his fans. Check out his Instagram, follow him at @instagram.com/heelmike6, and join his 90.5K followers.


Mike is a simple gamer who successfully found his niche in online streaming. G2 Esports described him as an “overall outstanding human being,” which is true. His loudmouth and sense of humor may be displeasing to others, but his viewers love him for being real. Heelmike’s path to success was his good looks, versatility, infectious smile, hilarious reactions, and great gameplay.

Mike deserves the million-dollar Heelmike net worth and popularity because of his hard work in making content for his followers. If you want to know more about Heelmike and be updated on his next streams, follow his official streaming channels and social media account.


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