Bomba Slots YouTube Streamer Overview 2022

Online and offline casino streaming is now a niche for people who want to earn through broadcasting their gambling gameplay. Bomba Slots is the most-watched channel on YouTube that plays slot machines. Who is Bomba Slots streamer, and where can you watch his broadcasts?

Who Is Bomba Slots?

If you use Google and type “who is Bomba Slots” to look for information’s about the streamer, you will not find anything. It’s usual for casino streamers not to release their personal information to the public. One of them who opts to remain private is Bomba Slots. His real name, age, occupation, and marital status are all secret.

Today, many successful streamers make content depending on what their viewers want to see. To ensure their content will not be boring, they do other videos like vlogs. Similarly, Bomba Slots games on YouTube have a great deal of content to offer. As part of his stream elements, Bomba Slots actively chats during his broadcasts.

YouTube Star Career

Bomba Slots today is a well-known streamer. He joined YouTube on September 7, 2020, and has been making gambling content since then. Bomba Slots games on YouTube focus on slot machines, and his usual bet size can be anything between $25 – $100 on slots with a huge hand pay jackpot. His viewers and friends call him Bomba instead of his real name.

He’s a good friend of another famous YouTuber, NG Slots. Bomba always thanks “his brother” whenever he reaches another milestone on YouTube. He also likes to promote NG Slots’ videos and has some collaborations with him. It is believed that NG is the one who inspired and motivated Bomba to start his YouTube career and post his first-ever Bomba slots games video.

Bomba Slots Net Worth

It’s difficult to estimate Bomba Slots’ net worth and income due to the lack of public data, but some sites made their own computation. Unlike other streamers, Bomba Slots doesn’t have Patreon, affiliate links, or merchandise today. However, he has a channel membership on YouTube, ad monetization, and stream elements that are an excellent addition to his overall income, positively affecting Bomba Slots’ net worth.

According to Statsmash’s estimation, Bomba Slots’ net worth as of March 2022 is $103,000 and earned $1,656 last February. He has a membership that ranges from $3 – $30 per month, where his viewers can enjoy exclusive content and custom badges.

When and Where to Watch His Streams

Bomba Slots is a Canadian man with greyish white hair, mustache, and beard who broadcasts his slots gameplay on YouTube. You can watch Bomba slot games videos, casino top moments, and IRL Vlogs on his channel and Facebook account. The update schedule for his live streams is posted on his official Facebook and on Bomba Slots on YouTube.

YouTube Channel

Bomba Slots today has over 25.9K subscribers and 7,819,753 views on his channel. His viewers enjoy Bomba slots games where he shows his unique gameplay. His videos are composed of room tours, winning jackpots in different casinos, and food reviews of Chef Bomba.

Bomba slots have been recognized as one of the fastest-growing gambling channels on YouTube. On March 13, 2022, he set another record on the highest peak viewers with 53,917 views.

Bomba Slots YouTube Channel

Bomba Slots’ Favorite Games & Casinos

The level of popularity of Bomba Slots today is unbelievable, and even Bomba himself is still surprised to get an average of 100 new subscribers per day. He is very down-to-earth, and if you see him at casinos or events, you can easily chat or take a picture with him.

His favorite slot machines are Dragon Link, Lighting Cash, and Piggy banking. Bomba travels around the country to play slots on the different land-based casinos, his favorite being The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas.

Bomba Slots’ Biggest Win

Bomba Slots today has the biggest win in YouTube history. It happened last November 10, 2021, on the slot game Cleopatra 2, where Bomba got $104,352 upon hitting five scatters and getting ten free spins, with a bet of just $40. This video is also one of the most-watched videos on his channel. In the video, Bomba thought he only won $352, referring to the credits on the screen. He only really believed his win when the slot dealer started counting his winnings on his palm.

Why Watch This Youtuber’s Channel?

If you want to watch a YouTuber with chilled gameplay, Bomba Slots will definitely be worth your time. Once you check out his videos, you will see a man casually traveling around the US to gamble money. He is chatty with his viewers online and even in his social media pages’ comment sections.

He usually starts his videos on a plane or a room tour, swiftly proceeding to his Bomba slots games. There are also videos where “Chef Bomba” appeared and reviewed food at restaurants and the 5-star resorts and hotels where he stays. Depending on his availability, Bomba has a series on YouTube called “Coffee and Slots,” where he plays slots as he and his viewers enjoy morning coffee.

Does Bomba Slots Play With Real Money?

Like any other casino streamers, it is always a question as to whether they play with real money. Unfortunately, it’s easy to accuse people online even without evidence, and some use this opportunity to ask platforms to ban streamers. YouTube, in particular, banned some gambling channels in 2018 without a warning or explanation. Last year, the platform started to ban gambling, political, and alcohol ads.

Does Bomba Slots use fake money? No, he doesn’t. Bomba slots games happen in land-based casinos. You can even see him inserting cash on the slot machines in some of his videos. The casinos where he plays, especially The Cosmopolitan, are highly respected casinos in Las Vegas, and there is no way he could cheat against the dealer or use fake money in such an establishment.

Bomba Slots on Social Media

Content creators use social media and membership platforms to build a solid online presence. With these sites, they can gain a larger audience. Unfortunately, Bomba doesn’t have other official accounts such as Instagram, Patreon, Discord, Twitter, or an official website to connect with his viewers. However, Bomba Slots’ broadcasts don’t only take place on YouTube but also on his official Facebook account.

Facebook Account

The official Facebook account of Bomba Slots has over 3,000 followers and 1,300 likes. Although this number is not as large as the other famous online casino streamers, Bomba is very grateful to his followers. His Facebook account contains duplicates of the videos of Bomba Slots on YouTube. It is also where he chats with his viewers, answering their comments on his posts. Get the latest updated schedule on Bomba Slots by following his Facebook account. He also does surprise live streams there!


Now that you know who Bomba Slots is on YouTube, it is time to subscribe to his channel and join his growing community. This small channel with a humble streamer who successfully found his niche in the gambling industry deserves success.

Additionally, he’s not a sham player. He has always been transparent with his winnings, losses, and profits. His passion for gambling and making high-quality and unique content helped him gain the trust of his viewers.


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