Spintwix Streamer 2022: Why Do People Broadcast Online Gambling?

There are hundreds of new casino streamers on platforms like Twitch and YouTube. They try to find their niche in the industry. Who wouldn’t want to earn money doing what they love? Spintwix is one streamer who gambles and broadcasts.

The Story of Casino Streamer Spintwix

Many online gamblers broadcast their games. Most viewers are also casino players. Watching broadcasts about slot machines helps them learn new tactics for online gambling. In return, the broadcaster gains fame.

Spintwix’s real name is Roy Nelson. He shares a lot of personal information with his viewers on his website. Spintwix is a husband and dad. He also travels to many European and South African locations. Currently, he lives in the Netherlands with his family.

Streamer NameSpintwix
Streamer Real NameRoy Nelson
Streaming SiteTwitch, YouTube
Started Streaming2019
Birthdate / AgeJuly 28 Year – No Data
Favorite Casino GamePoker and Slots
Recent Biggest Win€/$65,630.00 on Chaos Crew (2021)
Recent Biggest Multiplier6563x Multiplier on Chaos Crew (2021)

The Start of His Career

Spintwix started streaming slot games and casino table games in 2019. After that, he and his friend, David Labowksy, created a social community like Discord named CasinoRing. Spintwix has a simple website where you can find his streaming schedules and “Casino Bonuses.” On this page, you can get a bonus using his affiliate links.

Gaining Recognition

Spintwix is active in streaming, playing different casino games. His good connections helped him gain popularity. He puts a lot of effort into making informative and high-quality content for his viewers. However, he is still a small-scale streamer. Another reason he has fewer viewers is that he is not a high roller casino player.

Spintwix’s Net Worth

Spintwix does not give public details about his net worth. By using the total views in Spintwix’s Twitch and YouTube accounts, we can evaluate Spintwix’s net worth and earnings.

Spintwix’s Twitch account has 1,562,637 views. If Twitch pays €/$20 per 100 views, then Spintwix’s average earnings are €/$312,527.40. Meanwhile, YouTube pays €/$18 per 1,000 views. Spintwix’s account has 5,839,289 views. His earnings will be €/$105,107.20. This means the estimated Spintwix net worth is €/$417,634.60, plus his winnings, merch sales, affiliate link earnings, and donations.

Where and When to Watch the Streams

Spintwix uses Twitch to stream, and YouTube for replays and highlights. Streamers need more than one streaming account to make their content more accessible. 

Twitch Channel

spintwix twitch stats

Spintwix ranked the 90th most-watched English slots channel in Twitch and has over 20K followers. This month he gained 32 new followers and was online for 42 hours. His slot casino broadcast peaked with 220 viewers and 4,772 viewing hours. You can watch Spintwix from 09:30 – 13:30 or 17:30 – 21:30, six days a week, except Wednesdays.

Youtube Channel

Spintwix Youtube Channel

Spintwix has over 10K subscribers on his YouTube account, where he has posted over 1,000 videos. He usually uploads bonus hunts and highlights every day. He also streams on Twitch and YouTube simultaneously. His most-watched video was in 2019, where he won almost €/$7,000 from betting €/$25 in Big Bad Wolf.

Which Casino Does Spintwix Play At

The Spintwix website and CasinoRing have many wager and bonus offers for each casino with their affiliate links. He likes to play in high RTP slot games. Even if he isn’t a high roller, he can win serious money. You can see him gambling on NetEnt casino games such as Rapid Casinos, Rizk, LeoVegas, and Casumo.

Spintwix’s Biggest Wins

Spintwix’s winnings are smaller than other slot streamers. This proves that he uses real money. Spintwix’s biggest win occurred in 2021 in Chaos Crew, where he won €/$65,630 with 6,563x multipliers. It happened off-stream and was only posted on the CasinoRing website by Roy.

2227x on Donuts

One of his top games was when he bet €/$7.50 and won €/$17,082 (2,227x Donuts) in August 2018. The level of excitement changed when he won €/$522. He went from being calm to holding on to his chair then excitedly screaming, “Yes! Yes!” when he won another mega win on Donuts.

4,689x on White Rabbit

In February 2019, Spintwix and his friend David played the White Rabbit slot machine and bet €/$5. Five minutes into the game, they won €/$1,653. After that, they kept on getting big wins. Their last three spins gave them more spins and bigger wins, and they won €/$23,448.50.

6,094x on Rick and Morty Megaways

Spintwix’s Rick and Morty game in March 2020 will always be his top slot casino moment. A player will have 20 free spins in the bonus round, but they aren’t always profitable. Spintwix won very little and lost all his free spins. But then, all of a sudden, Spintwix won €/$15,845 in one spin.

Is Spintwix Legit?

Streaming casino games online attracts the risk of being accused of being fake and having petitions created to ban you from streaming. The “Spintwix banned” issue happened in January of 2021 during a YouTube strike on gambling content. However, they were able to appeal and get their account back after 90 days.

Twitch had Spintwix banned in November of 2020 due to the new rules of promoting affiliate links that Twitch categorized as phishing sites. Spintwix’s ban was lifted after four months. Having Spintwix banned from these platforms is not proof that he fakes his games.

Social Media Channels

Since Spintwix is not yet a well-known broadcaster in online gambling, he has very few followers. Still, he continues to create new ways to chat and connect with his viewers. Here are Spintwix’s social media accounts and official websites that you can follow to get to know him better.

Spintwix Facebook

He uses his Facebook account to post updates on his personal life, gambling, and casino news for his viewers. Spintwix also includes his official websites and other private information’s on his bio. Add Spintwix on Facebook for a chance to join his friend list.

Spintwix Instagram

Spintwix’s real name is Roy. He uses his Spintwix Instagram account to show his life outside the casino. Spintwix Instagram account features gambling moments and personal experiences. He is very active on Instagram, posting photos and stories to his 1.1K followers.

Spintwix Twitter

Spintwix’s Twitter account usually updates his broadcast schedule or retweets casino news updates. He is also a broadcaster who gives back to his viewers by making small giveaways. Follow Spintwix and join his almost 400 followers.

Why Watch Spintwix Streams?

Spintwix is a dedicated broadcaster with unique gambling tactics that attract new viewers. Instead of being a high roller and classic slot player, he makes small stakes on new and exciting casino games. He loves to chat with his viewers, educate them, and openly share his life as Roy Nelson on Spintwix Instagram.

Spintwix has a unique way of connecting and helping his gambler viewers. CasinoRing lets you watch other streamers, join giveaways, and get gambling help or broadcasting advice. Here, he posts his affiliate links instead of on Discord. This was after Twitch banned streamers from posting their affiliate links during broadcasts.

Final Thoughts

On the Spintwix Instagram account, you’ll meet Roy, a family guy who found his niche in online gambling. Some people say he is failing because he is still a small broadcaster after three years.

Getting Spintwix banned from his platforms affected his career. However, Roy enjoys playing and sharing his knowledge to help others win with minimal bets. His high-quality content, humor, and genuine reactions are why people watch him.


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