A Look at Chipmonkz Slots Growth and Biggest Wins

Casino streaming has become increasingly popular among online casino gamblers because it is entertaining and engaging. Viewers can participate in all-in casino games without spending any money. Thus, more and more casino Twitch and YouTube streamers are making it to the top.

There are a few high-profile streamers in the gambling scene with tens of thousands of followers. One of them is Chipmonkz Slots. He is a niche high roller casino streamer based in the United Kingdom with one of the most devoted followings in the industry.

Chipmonkz Slots’ net worth, highest wins, and other fascinating facts about the casino streamer will be covered in great depth in this post!

Who Owns The Chipmonkz Slots Channel?

The Chipmonkz Slots channel is owned by Alvin, which is a reference to the film Alvin and the Chipmunks.

The Beginning of His Career

Alvin was familiar with gambling a long time ago. When he was 18, he routinely gambled the one-armed bandit and fruit machines at pubs. He quickly became a devotee because of how much fun he had when playing online slots. He used to watch prominent broadcasters like Stop and Step or Jarttu84, and after that, he decided to build Chipmonkz Slots Twitch and YouTube channels.

He is 45 years old and the father of three children. Previously, he used to live-stream games like FIFA and had a great time doing so. Chipmonkz is well-known in the streaming community for being a down-to-earth character who keeps things simple and fun. He’s also known for being a reliable streamer in the industry.

Streamer nameChipmonkz Slots
Real nameAlvin
Followers44.2k (Youtube)
Favorite CasinoStake
Channel Rankings509th – Country rank – United Kingdom
4,545th – Games rank
Total views25,574,440 (Youtube)
Stream languageEnglish

Gaining Recognition

Alvin’s channel grew slowly at the beginning of his career, and he was ready to stop streaming and begin playing other games. However, after a few huge wins, he gained a few thousand followers and finally made the jump to full-time streaming in the summer of 2017. Since then, he’s been uploading videos and streams virtually every day, and his subscriber base is increasing at a rapid pace.

There is a vast difference between Alvin’s content from the beginning of his career and his most recent videos. The quality of his videos and streaming improved greatly. However, the technical aspects aren’t the only thing that has changed. Chipmonkz’s presentation of material has also evolved significantly. To appeal to a wide range of viewers, he posts videos under various headings on his YouTube account and chats with his followers.

Alvin broadcasts multiple times a day and uploads several new videos. His experiences and serious approach to what he produces are reflected in the fact that his work is popular.

Chipmonkz Slots Net Worth Estimated

Chipmonkz Slots has an estimated net worth of $143,034, according to certain web sources. His monthly earnings from his channels are expected to be around $3,736 and $50,831 annually, including additional revenue from tiered subscriptions, affiliate collaborations with casinos, advertisements, sponsorships, tips, and Twitch donations.

How to Watch the Broadcasts

Chipmonkz streams on Twitch and YouTube simultaneously and posts highlights of his streams and biggest wins on his YouTube channel and personal website.

Channel Statistics and Trends

Chipmonkz Slots Youtube Channel statistic

Chipmonkz Slots YouTube channel has over 44,200 subscribers and he also has 5,000 Twitch followers. Every day, he uploads many new videos on his channels. This contributes to the increasing growth of his videos. Both channels have had steady subscriber growth, with no odd jumps like those seen on some slot streaming channels.

For example, some of Chipmonkz slot’s most-watched YouTube videos have more than 100,000 views, while others have more than 300,000. Chipmonkz Slots channel videos have been viewed over 25 million times throughout his career, demonstrating the streamer’s enormous popularity. In fact, Alvin has spoken out against the problem of some streamers buying bogus viewers and subscribers, strengthening his reputation even further.

Is Chipmonkz Slots Fake?

Those who call Chipmonkz Slots fake and request a ban are spreading a myth. The streamer is known in the community for his honesty and ethics. His outspoken criticism of casinos and streamers that employ fake money is not an issue because he uses real money to place his bets. On the Chipmonkz slot channel, responsible gambling is always at the forefront. Alvin’s personable approach sets him apart from other slot streamers, as he knows some of his followers by name and knows what’s going on in their lives.

Chipmonkz Slots Casinos of Choice

The following list contains some of the Chipmonkz Slots’ favorite casinos to play and win at. He exclusively plays at safe and reliable casinos that accept players from the United Kingdom and Europe.

  • Stake
  • Loyal Slots
  • Genesis Casino
  • Aladdin Slots
  • Metal Casino
  • Las Vegas Casino
  • PlayGround Casino

Chipmonkz Slots Biggest Wins

Hundreds, if not thousands, of videos of Chipmonkz playing games and revealing winning strategies can be seen on his slots channel. There are a lot of big-win videos on the channel. There are, however, a few notable big wins to keep an eye on first. We’ve compiled below the streamer’s top three winnings.

105,129X on Lil Devil

Chipmonkz played the Lil Devil slot machine when he had the most spectacular win. During the game, he used a stake size of £0.40. He was given multiple free spins, which resulted in a large win. However, he earned more than £40,000 in the last bonus round, which is 105,129x his stake size.

10,593X on Lil Devil

One of the streamer’s biggest wins came from one of his favorite games, the Lil Devil slot. It contains 6 reels and 4,096 ways to win powered by Big Time Gaming. There are four bonuses in this slot machine. Angel wilds have a 144x multiplier. There are two free spins bonuses in which sticky wilds transform into angel wilds. The last feature is an improved version of the two free spins rounds.

757X on Captain Venture

While playing the game, Alvin won £2,100, which is 10,000 times his wager of £0.20. Captain Venture is the name of this slot machine, and it is one of Chipmonkz’s favorites. Novomatic created the slot, which features five reels and ten pay lines. With an RTP of 94%, you have a decent chance of winning.

 This slot, in particular, provided the player with one of the largest wins of his career. He won some money after a few spins, but the largest win came at the very end. Chipmonkz amassed a fortune of over £30,000 by wagering £40 every spin. It was an impressive win, and everyone watching the stream was stunned.

Rumors and Scandals

There are no rumors or scandals associated with the streamer’s name because he is known for speaking the truth about casino games and exposing other streamers. Unlike some other streamers, he does not buy false subscribers, as seen by the number of views on his video. Chipmonkz has demonstrated his honest and responsible approach to online gambling by not being blocked or banned on any platform during his career.

However, Chipmonkz Slots Ireland was trending recently because, in a recent video, the streamer stated that he was going to Ireland. This is because he wants to avoid the future UK Safer Gambling legislation on Bonus Buys, Auto Spins, Age Gating, and other challenges, as Ireland does not have a regulated gambling market.

Chipmonkz Slots on Social Media

The popularity of the Chipmonkz slot streamer is down to the fact that he is quite active on social media. Additionally, you’ll be able to discover him on the following platforms:

  • Twitch
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Personal website

On his social media accounts, you will find a wealth of information. Follow Chipmonkz Slots on Facebook if you want to stay up to date with all of the channel’s activities, including new streams and videos. You can also follow him on Twitter, where he frequently posts entertaining videos and expresses his opinions. Chipmonkz Slots Twitter account has almost 23,000 followers, making him one of the most followed casino streamers.

The Chipmonkz Slots website demonstrates that the streamer cares about his audience members. It’s easy to understand even if you’ve never played before. There’s a wealth of information on the gaming industry to be found there. You can find the best company to play with using the casino suggestions. Chipmonkz Slots, on the other hand, has an impressive array of special deals and incentives for newcomers.

The streamer has also compiled a list of the top online casinos for his viewers to use. Bonuses listed on this website have been meticulously verified to guarantee that they are both accurate and up to date. Each player will be able to take advantage of the available bonuses on the site.

Chipmonkz offers new reviews of popular games and new releases that surface online. He is attempting to cover all bases when it comes to new slot games and not leave anything out. This saves time and money for people who watch it because it explains how it works.


Chipmonkz is the streamer to watch if you’re searching for a more laid-back alternative to many other streamers’ overly-hyped style. His warm personality has earned him a devoted following, primarily in the United Kingdom. Alvin takes gambling seriously, which is why he has gained a reputation as a trustworthy and skilled streamer.


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