Slot Queen Streamer Overview: A Look into the Life of a YouTuber

Slot machines are the most popular casino game. What’s not to like about these games? They’ve got colorful graphics, exciting sound effects, and of course, the possibility to win a small fortune.

As far as massive jackpots go, there have been some lucky slot gamers who, after gambling, have walked away with a lot of cash. Many players have uploaded their slot games for others to view.

The Slot Queen’s live channel on YouTube is a must-see if you’re a fan of spinning the reels, either online or at your favorite casino. It is possible to experience all the thrills of a casino getaway without ever having to set foot in a building (and without spending your own money).

In this article, we will cover in detail everything there is to know about the Slot Queen YouTube channel, her net worth, and other interesting details.

Who Is Slot Queen?

Slot Queen’s real name is Danielle Aragon. She’s an American niche broadcaster and YouTuber who specializes in slot machine gaming. Slot Queen lives in California. She was born on February 26, 1976, which makes her 46. Danielle is the mother of three sons and is happily married.

Her eldest son is now 22 years old. He studied at Chicago State University. At the beginning of Slot Queen’s career, he helped her develop the official Slot Queen website called SQSLOTS. Danielle’s middle son is 20 years old and helped Slot Queen build her merchandise on her website. Her 19-year-old son is her youngest; he recently finished high school.

Streamer nameSlot Queen
Real nameDanielle Aragon
OriginApril 15, 2014
Current ResidenceCalifornia, United States
Followers65,400 (YouTube)
Total views32,194,721 views (YouTube)
Stream languageEnglish

Real Life

Unlike most people, Danielle’s work path has been everything but typical. Financial services were an integral part of her professional life before the launch of her successful YouTube channel. After leaving college, Slot Queen worked in the banking profession for 17 years. In the end, she had to give up her job to be at home with her children and provide them with the healthiest upbringing possible.

Known affectionately as “Slot Hubby,” her husband appears in many of her videos. He has his own apparel line on the official SQSLOTS website and is something of an influencer in his own right. Despite his evident skills and charm, he is still employed full-time and provides for his family.

YouTube Career

Danielle started her YouTube slot broadcasting career on August 24, 2017, when she launched the Slot Queen channel. She had previously spent time in Northern California land-based casinos and played a variety of slot games for a long period. Danielle began recording herself playing slot machines and sharing the videos with her husband after getting inspired by her YouTube stars.

Her husband eventually asked whether she had considered starting her own YouTube channel. She initially didn’t, but later, she and her husband started the Slot Queen YouTube channel.

Danielle recorded and released her first video with Slot Hubby. The experience of making a video was a lot of fun for the two of them. The two decided to keep making slot videos, learning vital skills like editing, producing attractive YouTube titles and thumbnails, and recording high-quality videos.

Slot Queen Net Worth

Like many social media celebrities, Slot Queen’s net worth is also confidential. Her husband’s salary, merchandise sales, affiliate links with casinos, Patreon donations, and the profits from her YouTube channel all contribute to the family’s financial well-being.


For all of Danielle’s 65.1k subscribers and more than 31 million total views, her YouTube channel can’t be fully monetized. As a result, her YouTube earnings account for a modest percentage of her total earnings. According to Social Blade, she makes between $240 and $3,800 every month on YouTube.


Patreon donations account for a significant amount of Danielle’s revenue. The total number of patrons she has is presently 468. Those who enjoy Slot Queen’s material can join her Royal Family by subscribing to her Patreon page. Here is a complete breakdown of the various levels and their associated benefits:

Level NameRate per monthPerks
Loyal Royal$5• Membership in a Facebook group
• Personalized Loyal Royal apparel after one year
• Private live streams
Knight in Shining Armor$10Includes all of the above, plus: Thank you card and Slot Queen Lanyard
The Court Jester$25Includes all of the above, plus: Any t-shirt from Slot Queen’s Teespring story after one year
King of the Castle$50Includes all of the above, plus: Loyal Royal wristband and additional items from the store
Queen of the Castle$100Includes all of the above, plus: Exclusive Swag Pack on sign up. An additional free item from the merch store

Slot Merch

The channel’s profitability is heavily reliant on the selling of merchandise. It’s possible to buy everything, from face masks ($12.99) and sweatshirts ($35.99) to T-shirts with the slogan “No one likes a Button Slapper” ($24.99) to mugs with the slogan “Slot Hubby for President.”

Live Streaming Channel on YouTube

Slot Queen YouTube Channel

Slot Queen frequently broadcasts live on Thursday and Friday nights! She posts wins and losses from real-life slot play. For her 65,100 subscribers, Slot Queen uploads videos seven days a week on her YouTube channel. If you watch her live-stream footage, it’s as if you’re just hanging out with your closest friend at the casino.

Why Watch Slot Queen’s Streams?

Slot Queen is well-known for her pleasant personality and no-nonsense attitude. Because she’s a mother of three and in her forties, she’s able to provide a more relaxed video experience for her followers. As a part of her channel’s mission, Slot Queen aims to show people how to have fun with slot machines while also spreading a little joy, laughter, and positive vibes along the way.

Slot Queen also collabs with Brian Christopher members (aka BCSlots). In the world of online gaming, Brian is unquestionably a big deal. She also mingles with real celebrities and famous singers. Blueberi introduced their new slot machine, Mixtery Wild, and Danielle got to spin the reels with rap star Sir Mix-a-Lot.

Slot Queen’s Most Played Games and Casinos

Invaders Return from the Planet Moolah, Unicow, Fu Dai Lian Lian Panda, Dancing Drums, and Buffalo Gold are some of Slot Queens’ most played games. The Cosmopolitan casino (Vegas), Jackson Rancheria Casino Resort (Jackson, California), Baldini’s Sports Casino and Restaurant (Sparks, Nevada), Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Sacramento (Wheatland, California), and Redhawk casino are some of her most visited casinos.

Social Network Pages

Slot Queen is popular across all social media platforms.


Slot Queen Instagram

The Slot Queen Instagram account has 2,807 followers. She uses her account feed to engage with her followers and share pictures of her slot games and personal life.


The Slot Queen Facebook account has 12,902 followers. She is more active on this platform and shares her slot game recordings. She also chats with her audience and keeps them updated about her latest videos.


The Slot Queen Twitter account only has 444 followers. She is not very active on this platform. Her last tweet was about her latest slot game win.

Official Website

Slot queen’s website is Fans can visit the website to know more about her, check out her events calendar, watch her biggest win videos, read her blog, and buy her Merch.


It’s easy to like Slot Queen because she’s friendly and provides her viewers with a fresh kind of slot experience. Unlike other slot streamers in the industry, she doesn’t yell when the slot machine reels align; there’s no irritating meme-filled editing and no attention-grabbing headlines. She is simple and humble and responds to her wins and losses in the same way as any other human being. She wagers a decent amount of money on each game. All these factors make her a good player and YouTuber to support and follow.


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