The Story Behind Online Casino Streamer NickSlots Rise to Success

Twitch is one of the most popular online streaming services globally. In recent years, there has been an increase in people interested in the online gambling industry. Fans enjoy turning in to see their favorite streamers go on a wild ride of impromptu slot and table gaming action.

Many casino players are attracting the attention of gamblers all around the world by streaming their actions. Nickslots is one of the most well-known gamers who has dedicated his entire life to online gambling.

This article will go through Nickslots net worth, his rise to fame, and other amazing facts!

Everything About NickSlots

NickSlots is a renowned online casino streamer from the United Kingdom and one of the most popular gambling channels on YouTube and Twitch. Nick Preston is his real name. This streamer and philanthropist is from Yorkshire, England, and has a devoted fanbase and co-ownership of the popular Casino Grounds platform.

Streamer nameNickslots
Real nameNick Preston
CountryYorkshire, United Kingdom
OriginFeb 16,2016
Followers29,811 (Twitch)
Channel Rankings#524
Highest viewers1334
Total views1,395,864
Stream languageEnglish

The Beginning Of His Career

NickSlots’ professional career started in 2016, and he has since become a well-known slots streamer. He eventually decided to change his life and devote it to casino streaming. He had a passion for gambling long before he began streaming online gambling as a teenager. He has been spinning fruit reels since he was a teenager. He developed a genuine interest in gambling, and he eventually decided to pursue gambling as a career. Even before 2016, his first gambling videos surfaced on the channel.

NickSlots expanded his communication channels as his career progressed. He desired to communicate with his fans and supporters. One of the most gaming related popular YouTube channels today is NickSlots. It’s worth mentioning that he was the UK’s first Casino Streamer.

Gaining Popularity

Initially, he was known for his Twitch casino streaming and his expertise at slot machines. Since he began broadcasting in 2016, NickSlots has experienced a boom in popularity. The streamer’s subscription base on the streaming platform doubled at the start of the year. As a result, he was added to the list of fast-rising streamers.

NickSlots’ early content is a world apart from his current offering. Not only has the streamer’s audio and video quality improved significantly, but he also appears to have transformed his entire persona. Nick’s stunning, engaging charisma results from a planned, deliberate effort to boost his audience’s viewing experiences. That is to be applauded.

The initial component of what helped him gain popularity was video quality and showman flair. Consistency, deliberate effort, and hard work are the most crucial factors in NickSlots’ success.

How Much Is NickSlots Net Worth?

NickSlots exact net worth is still unknown since he wishes to keep his personal and financial information confidential. However, as per social media’s monetary criteria, he should make roughly 28,000 USD each year through Twitch adverts and videos. Streamers on Twitch get a large percentage of their income via donations, and NickSlots earns between 120,000 and 200,000 USD from this every year. However, according to several reports, NickSlots distributes all of his money to charity projects, and he just stated this in an interview with one of the major casinos.

NickSlots makes roughly 2,400 USD to 6,000 USD per year from YouTube streaming. He also makes money through commercials on YouTube videos and with YouTube donations.

Sponsorships, partnerships, affiliate marketing ties with over 6 casinos, his website start-ups, and advertisements on his website, provide NickSlots with the majority of his annual income. It is reasonable to assume that NickSlots’ annual revenue will be in the range of $350,000 to $650,000 each year. Nick’s partnerships with casinos and revenue from the Casino Grounds platform are two major revenue sources.

Streaming Schedule and Where To Watch The Broadcasts

NickSlots aims to stream for at least 5 hours on his Twitch channel four days a week starting in January 2021. His highlights and streams are then shared on his YouTube channel.

YouTube Channel

Nickslots youtube stats

NickSlots has an active YouTube channel where he frequently posts most watched highlighted clips from LIVE Casino sessions, including big wins, fails and more. NickSlots’ YouTube channel has 39k followers on the platform. NickSlots’ success is also due to his knowledge of the power of YouTube as a platform. NickSlots is highly active in developing and marketing YouTube gambling videos. While many other streamers use the platform to broadcast stream replays, NickSlots is much more aggressive in producing and promoting YouTube gambling videos.

NickSlots not only uses YouTube to display his replays, but he also uses it to stream and upload stream highlights daily. This allows those who would not watch Twitch casino streamers to see his content. And it pays out handsomely! Because of his intense emphasis on YouTube, he has about 30% more YouTube subscribers than casino streamers.

Twitch Streams

NickSlots Twitch account features Nick, a niche high roller single-game streamer who only streams Slots. In 2020, he streamed a total of 463 hours. Nickslots has not yet become a Twitch Partner. Our Twitch statistics show that he currently has 29,811 followers and 1,395,864 total channel views and has played 1 game.

Viewers can also take part in exclusive giveaways by tuning in at

NickSlots Twitch’ Live Streaming Schedule:

Monday: 11:00-16.00 GMT

Tuesday: 11:00-16.00 GMT

Thursday: 11:00-16.00 GMT

Friday: 11:00-16.00 GMT

NickSlots’ Favorite Casinos

NickSlots’ favorite casinos, where he frequently plays, are:

  • CasinoEuro
  • Rizk
  • Dunder
  • PlayGrand Casino

NickSlots Biggest Wins

The following are the list of some of Nickslots biggest wins:

1366X On Razor Shark

NickSlots received unlimited free spins and increasing multipliers when playing Razor Shark. Throughout the game, Nick obtained various interesting combinations, the best of which yielded the highest bonus. Using a £10 bet, NickSlots collected a whopping £13,336 in wins.

4097X On Queen Of Riches

Another successful experience at NickSlots was linked to a unique blend of elements. There was nothing particularly noteworthy about this game of Queen of Riches at the start. Several of the spins came up empty. There was nothing that could speak to victory. However, a combination proved to bring insane luck for Nick later on. It resulted in him winning the huge sum of £20,485 on a £5 bet, which he described as an “epic” win.

5400X On Primal Megaways

Nickslots’ most bizarre gaming experience, which resulted in a crazy win, was on Primal Megaways. Nick walked away with a whopping 27k in winnings after placing a £5 wager. His incredible winnings were the result of an unbelievable sequence of events.

So, Is NickSlots Fake?

Those who call NickSlots fake are spreading unjust rumors, since he plays with real money. During the streams, anybody can watch him. He is a true gambler who shares his knowledge. He also uploads his fails to his Twitch account. His activeness and sincerity demonstrate that he is real.

Nick Slots Streaming Secrets: Why People Watch Him

The greatest secret of Nickslots is his sincerity. He demonstrates his genuine content, real bets, and live streaming rather than replays. He interacts with his followers. He helps gamblers with their issues and posts useful insights. His reputation grows daily due to the hard work and effort put into his broadcasts and websites. His first and most recent videos are easily distinguishable based on audio and video quality. With the latest technologies, he has improved his posts.

Social Media Accounts

Nickslots began his streaming career by streaming casino games on Twitch. He didn’t stop there, though. As his online casino broadcasting becomes more popular and well-liked, he provides more genuine entertainment to the public. He hasn’t just focused on Twitch; he has accounts on several other popular social media platforms. He is active on social media platforms such as Instagram, Discord, and YouTube. Nickslots twitter has 5,882 followers, and he often chats with his audience. Gamblers can also visit his website, which is full of informative and entertaining content and videos.


Nick Slots is primarily a Twitch slot broadcaster. He’s from Yorkshire, England, and has a sizable Twitch and YouTube following. You can check him and his content out four times a week if you want to. You can go on a wonderful adventure with Nick and see his great wins as well as some amusing fails. He also hosts large sweepstakes in which you can win substantial financial rewards. We’re confident that his engaging and funny commentary will tempt you to return to his channel regularly.


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