NJ Slot Guy Streamer On YouTube 2022

NJ Slot Guy is a popular High Limit Slot Channel on YouTube. He has American nationality and enjoys traveling across the USA playing slots, showing the reality behind the machines. With more than 52K subscribers, he is an enigma we will unwrap in this article.

Who is YouTube’s NJ Slot Guy?

Many of us have heard of NJ Slot Guy, or he’s shown up in our YouTube recommendations, but who is he? Let’s find out.

Life Before YouTube

NJ Slot Guy was playing slots before he became a YouTube heartthrob. His parents were both slot machine enthusiasts and players, which probably led him towards them too. He says in one of his Q and A sessions that, in order to smoke, he would sit with his parents in the High Limits room, which was the only place smoking was allowed, and play 2-dollar machines.

Gaining Popularity

NJ Slot Guy had around 20,000 followers and 7 million views by early 2019, a couple of months after starting to make videos. People began to watch his videos because they were free on discord. With an affiliate, he spent his own money to travel and film these videos for the viewers, and they appreciated it. His loyal following enjoys his films when he defies the algorithm.

About NJ Slot Guy’s Net Worth

The internet estimates that the NJ Slot Guy’s YouTube channel creates daily revenues of $2 to $54 and monthly profits of $72 to $1.6K. Based on the channel’s current 52.6K followers, historical average views per video, and video uploading frequency, NJ Slot Guy net worth stands at 32,000 dollars as of March 2022.

When & Where to Watch His Live Streams

Live streams are a fun way to interact with YouTube celebrities. They also allow us to ask them questions in person and get a shoutout! Oh, how the heart flutters at a shoutout! Now that we know his following and popularity let’s find out more about his YouTube channel.

YouTube Channel

NJ Slot Guy first appeared in a Live Stream on April 06, 2019. NJ Slot Guy doesn’t do a lot of live streams, he’s done 24 in total, and he went live for two days in a row in January 2022.

2022’s first live stream was on January 14. He answered live questions sent by fans. About four thousand viewers logged in to watch him make fun of his own bald head and answer their chat questions.

Although he doesn’t work 9-5, he does mention that he goes gambling once a month. Wondering how he uploads a video every couple of days or what his real name is? Watch his videos to find out! Also, check out the channel name stats below to better understand his numbers.

NJ Slot Guy YouTube Channel

NJ Slot Guy Biggest Wins Rate

NJ Slot Guy has been making videos on YouTube since August 2018. With 484 videos, he has quite a following. In all of these slot machine games, he’s had a ban to his name, lost money, and won big.

$6,000 On Triple 7 Slot Machine

One of NJ Slot Guy’s lucky casino escapades saw him win $6,000. As the rolls kept reducing his credit, a 100-dollar win urged him to stay on and spin for longer. Little did he know that his motivation would pay off! Soon enough, he cashed in, getting $6,000 from the machine.

$7,249 On High Limit Gold Edition, Atlanta City

At $25 a spin, NJ put in $600. Despite the play button refusing to work, his first win was $6. Playing at a steady pace and winning in single and lower double digits, his wins slowly increased. After much patience and with his credit down to $18, he finally won the $7,249 jackpot!

$25,000 On Five Times Play, Gold Nugget Atlantic City

With a 10-dollar denomination and a $20 spin on the machine, NJ only invested $50 dollars in the machine. Eventually, after multiple disappointing cherries on screen, when he was down to $14, he won the big jackpot! Winning the 25,000 dollars in Atlantic City towards the end of 2018 was NJ Slot Guy’s biggest win.

Where Does NJ Slot Guy Play?

NJ Slot Guy travels once a month to gamble. He is mostly found playing at Gold Nugget, Atlantic City. Although he ventures out to other casinos in search of gold, his heart seems to lie in Atlantic city.

Social Media Pages

Nowadays, online success is determined by how much time you devote to social media. NJ Slot Guy appears to grasp this, as he routinely communicates with his fans on social media. If you want to contact him, we’ve included his most popular social media handles below.


NJ Slot Guy twitter

Twitter is the most important social media platform right now for anyone looking to gain a following and promote themselves. The Twitterati can make or break stars, and NJ Slot Guy has made sure that his star is always on the rise. By following NJ Slot Guy Twitter at @twitter.com/njslotguy you will be privy to all the latest updates from his life, where he’s going, and, obviously, every time he uploads a new video.

The broadcaster is also responsive there, and his transparency shows through his retweets and replies to people. If you’d like to observe your favorite streamer in a low-pressure natural habitat, this is as good as it gets.


On Facebook, you can find him here @facebook.com/people/NJ-Slot-Guy/100063605645403. Not only does he share informal stuff, but he also creates videos for Facebook too! Here, you really get a look at the man behind the screen and see in which forum his interests lie. You get a sense for who he is and what he likes, and what he likes is having a good time with his followers. He’s an entertainer at heart, and he doesn’t hide his fun-loving side between his memes and videos.

It is Facebook, so it might be very interactive, but he regularly replies to comments on his posts. He knows how to pick the best, and if you comment regularly, you might get a special shout-out from him in his videos and livestreams. It has happened before and is likely to happen again!


Overall, NJ Slot Guy is a great entertainer who is appreciated. He has a loyal following because he is entertaining to watch and skilled at his games. He adds value to his audience and makes watching someone play slots fun. It’s difficult because every viewer would rather be playing the slots, but his winning personality shines through. His fan base is growing, and he is still young.


Before bringing this article to a close, we thought we should answer some of the most frequently asked questions about NJ Slot Guy so you can get a feel for him at a glance.

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