Online Casino Streamer CasinoDaddy: Fake or For Real?

The internet opened many opportunities to a lot of people. It’s used for studying, work, and entertainment. Some people even generate income through leisurely activities such as gaming by sharing their experiences online. It’s called online game streaming. One example of this is casino streamers who broadcast their gameplay.

Who Is CasinoDaddy?

Is CasinoDaddy real? Yes! CasinoDaddy is composed of three famous online gamblers who are also brothers. They came from Sweden and started their gambling and streaming for fun. But now, they have a significant number of viewers and followers on their social media accounts – enough to have built their own brand.

Streamer AccountCasinoDaddy
Streamer’s Real Names and AgeMatthias (34), Anton (32), Eric Joelsson (28)
Based inKristianstad, Sweden
Stream Started2016
Stream AccountsYoutube, Twitch
Talent & SpecialtiesBonus Hunts, Frequent wins
Favorite CasinoLeoVegas
Biggest Win€569,204.80 in San Quentin (2021)

This Swedish trio also plays high roller slot machine games. Looking at the long list of casino game streamers in Twitch, you will see that Casino Daddy is one of the top broadcasters. CasinoDaddy’s big wins, funny and exciting moments, Twitch and Youtube views, and massive followers all paved their way to success.

Where to Watch Their Streams

With over 200,000 followers from all their official accounts, there is no doubt that Casino Daddy is loved by many. Their viewers always find it thrilling to watch them make a big bet and win. CasinoDaddy streams live on their Twitch, and you can watch the replays on YouTube.

Mathias Joelsson, the oldest and the leader of Casino Daddy, is the one who started and found a niche in online streaming. He has loved the idea of playing online casino games since 2011. But before that, he worked as an affiliate for different online casinos and saw the potential to earn money through online broadcasts.

Like any other online broadcaster, Casino Daddy worked hard to get to the top. By looking at their content, you will see the effort and patience that goes into giving their viewers high-quality content to watch. Their hard work, content quality, professionalism, and ability to play various gambling games are the primary factors of their success.

Casinodaddy Net Worth & Earnings

Casino daddy became a professional streamer in 2016. They earn by monetizing their streams on their two affiliate websites. CasinoDaddy’s net worth can be calculated using the financial data from the two companies they launched since they started their career in the online gambling industry.

According to these data, CasinoDaddy net worth and earnings may go up to $5M. As for their YouTube account, CasinoDaddy net worth is at $131,000 as of February 2022. However, these numbers may be higher as the donations from their streaming accounts, personal assets, and other sources of income can not be viewed by the public.

Joelsson Media Holding AB

Joelsson Media Holding AB is an affiliate company focused on the online gaming industry. The Casino Daddy website, and are used to monetize their broadcast. These are run by Joelsson Media Holding AB. is a Casino Daddy website providing information, guides, bonus tips, and reviews of different online gambling games.

In only two years, the company declared a total revenue of $5.5M. However, the company had a total profit of $2.6M and $3.5M of assets in 2019. Based on the latest data, the company has declared a total income of $4.4M.

Webbjätten AB

Their non-streaming company, Webbjätten AB, had a strong year in 2017. This company focused on web design and search engine optimization. In 2017 they declared over $560,000 in profit.

Where Do They Play?

The group is recognized as casinodaddy slots genius. They usually play in Money Train, Jammin Jars, and San Quentin. San Quentin is one of Casino Daddy’s latest wins, where they got the highest multiplier at 142,301x.

The viewers say that for Casino Daddy slots are the focus, but these online gamblers also play roulette, blackjack, and poker and are good at beating the dealer. Live casinos such as LeoVegas, Lightning Roulette, and Dream Catcher gave CasinoDaddy big wins.

Game brands sometimes contact them for game reviews. If you saw a game on the Casino Daddy website, it means it is safe, tried, and legit.

History of CasinoDaddy Big Wins

For over seven years in their broadcast career, followers have witnessed many CasinoDaddy big wins. Casino Daddy’s latest wins include their biggest ever win, which took place in November 2021, when they won €569,204.80 in San Quentin.

CasinoDaddy Twitch Statistics

Casino Daddy gathered another 339 followers on their Twitch account this month. They went live for 362 hours, with viewer numbers peaking at 2,486. Their viewer count for this month reached 313,000.

Heroes Hunt (€17,280.00)

One of the CasinoDaddy big wins is Heroes Hunt, a slot game from Relax Gaming. Heroes Hunt has an RTP of 96.53%. CasinoDaddy won €17,280.00 on April 10, 2020. This is equivalent to almost twenty thousand US dollars.

Jammin Jars (€23,097.60)

Jammin Jars from the Push Gaming company is one of Casino Daddy’s go-to games. This game is also popular with other casino streamers because of its high RTP of 96.83%. On July 7, 2020, CasinoDaddy won €34,095.

Star Clusters (€31,592.25)

Another example of Casino Daddy slots games is Big Time Gaming’s Star Clusters. Like Heroes Hunt, Star Clusters is a medium-high online slot machine with only 96.54% of RTP. However, this game awarded €31,592.25, or almost $36,000, to Casino Daddy on June 18, 2020.

Cubes (€40,354.50)

Relax Gaming’s Cubes is another medium-high volatility slot with a 96.35% RTP. It’s included in the CasinoDaddy big wins list. Casino Daddy won a total of €40,354.50, or more than forty five thousand USD, in March 2020.

Jammin Jars (€98,139.00)

As a player in an online gambling game, your priority is to win money, and breaking a record is just a plus and could well be pure luck. Casino Daddy did both on May 23, 2020. The trio broadcasted one of their biggest wins, amounting to €98,139.00 or a whopping $111,639.98. They also claimed that their win in Jammin Jars was a world record.

Are Their Winnings Real or Fake?

Casino Daddy has had many remarkable experiences throughout its streaming career, and up until now, the talk of CasinoDaddy fake money winnings is still there in some forums. Some forums want Casino Daddy banned from the internet. Since they keep on winning, some people believe that CasinoDaddy is fake.

Casino Daddy is only a player of games made by reputable developers. They are not the dealer, don’t own the games, and don’t have access to their systems. However, the trio is also known for compiling bonus games. CasinoDaddy’s bonus from hunts helped them to win with unique features. CasinoDaddy fake money claims are not valid, which is attested to by gambling experts.

CasinoDaddy Bonus Hunts & IRL Streams

Slot games have bonus rounds for free spins, multipliers, and other special features. The Joelsson brothers know how bonus rounds excite their viewers, so they always make an extra effort to collect bonus games before going live. The CasinoDaddy bonus hunt is how they open each round during their stream.

CasinoDaddy does not focus only on casino games. It is their primary content, but they also do IRL streams. These streams show viewers what they do aside from playing at online casinos.

Casino Daddy Social Media Channels

The trio’s high energy, charisma, and special bond made them unique and one of the most-watched streams out there. Their journey to this gambling career started on their main channels, Twitch and YouTube. But along the way, they have decided to open more channels for connecting with their viewers across social media.

CasinoDaddy’s Twitch account has almost 165K followers. It is where they stream live practically every day. Their official schedule is every Thursday on Twitch, but sometimes they do a surprise live appearance. Follow and check their account if you want some high-quality casino entertainment.

If you want to see the replays of their streams, you should check Casinodaddy’s YouTube account. Over 78K subscribers enjoy their thousands of videos. They have different playlists such as funny moments, IRL streams, Casino Daddy latest wins, biggest wins, and bonus hunts.

CasinoDaddy’s Instragam account is where you can get glimpses of their personal lives and short moments from their streams. Erik uses Instagram more than the other two. They have almost 11K followers on Instagram and counting.

Follow CasinoDaddy’s Twitter if you want to be updated on their winnings, streams, and news about casinos. They tweet and regularly reply to their 9K followers.

If you are more of a Facebook user, you can follow the CasinoDaddy Facebook page. It is where they post updates on their streams, short clips of their unforgettable moments, and much more besides.

Moreover, CasinoDaddy has also made a discord account to connect with its 3K members. Discord is where Matthias, Anton, and Erik will chat with you, and some of their long-time followers will answer if you have questions.

Final Thoughts

Since other streamers came before them, it wasn’t a great start for CasinoDaddy. They have to find their niche and stand out from others to be known in this industry. As they gained a larger audience every day, they became more confident. Like others, they receive backlash, and people on the forum want Casino Daddy banned from streaming and playing casino games.

But these experiences made them work harder and continue producing quality content for their subscribers. Their streams are just fun slots, but they always pay attention to each detail and mechanics to make their streams entertaining and informative.


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