All About the Casino Streamer Roshtein

During the pandemic, many people became unemployed and had to find other ways to earn. With the help of the internet, one way people started finding income is through online streaming. Streaming games and casino plays became popular broadcasts and gave rise to online casino streamers.

Who Is Roshtein?

To start, let’s answer the main question: Is Roshtein legit? Yes, he is. Roshtein is a real player of online casino games from Sweden. A simple man who wanted to play casino games turned into one of the most famous broadcasters in Twitch with a huge fanbase.

Streamer AccountRoshtein
Streamer’s Real NameIsmael Swartz
Stream Started2015
Stream ChannelsTwitch, YouTube
Special Talents inBig stakes and wins
Favorite CasinoStake Casino
Biggest Win$16,650,000 in Wanted – Dead or A Wild (2021)

Who is Roshtein?His name is Ishmael Swartz, and he was born and raised in Sweden. His viewers believe that his alias is from the 1800s American gambler, Roshtein. With the lack of information about his life available online, some argue that details about Roshtein, including his winnings, could be fake.

How Did Everything Begin?

Roshtein entered the online casino streaming industry in 2015. He is known in the online gambling space for his big bets ranging from €500 to €2,000 per spin. Being a high roller for big wins became his trademark, with his winnings and beating dealers the cherries on top.

Gaining Popularity

How does Roshtein make money? Like other online gamers who broadcast their play, he started with a small following. But Roshtein slots games always come with large bets. This is his way of entertaining his viewers and eventually garnered popularity through it as well. Now, he gains 50,000 additional monthly followers on his Twitch account alone.

Roshtein Net Worth

The gambling genius Ishmael Swartz certainly knows what he is doing and understands the importance of his viewers to his career. If someone asks who Roshtein is, without any doubt, he is one of today’s most prominent online casino streamers. Game developers contact and pay a broadcaster like Roshtein to advertise and review their new releases. All of this contributes to Roshtein net worth.

Roshtein net worth can be calculated using his Twitch and YouTube revenues. 25% of his followers on Twitch use his affiliate links to create an account and play at Roshtein real money casinos. If a casino pays Roshtein $120 CPA or Cost Per Acquisition on each sign up using his link, he will get at least $26.3 million or roughly 23 million Euros.

How does Roshtein make money on YouTube? The 112 videos on his channel have more than 3.8 million views, so it’s easy to be a Youtube Partner. His channel has a net worth of $131,000.

Roshtein net worth can go up to $26.4 million or €23.2 million in total.

When and Where to Watch the Streams

Roshtein has two main channels for his streams: Twitch and YouTube. Like most casino streamers, Twitch is the best platform for him. Roshtein slots, video clips, and broadcasts are easy to find on these two platforms on most watched recommendations.


Twitch is where Rostein hosts his streams regularly. Roshtein doesn’t have an official schedule of when he will stream. However, he is usually on live during the afternoon up to late-night evening GMT+8 time. If Roshtein joins a slot tournament, it can run up to 12 hours or even more.


Roshtein does not live stream with his YouTube account. But it is where you can find Roshtein biggest win video, Roshtein real money games, Bonus Hunts, Top Roshtein slot games, and other videos. He made a playlist to help his viewers find the video they want to watch. There are also highlight videos of Roshtein’s funny and thrilling moments, but Ishmael Swartz does not run these accounts.

Top Online Casinos Where He Usually Plays

Huge streamers like Roshtein do not stick with and play at one single casino. Sometimes a company will contact him for advertising, or he will go and scroll on his comment section to see recommendations from his viewers. He does his research and hops around different sites most of the time.

Looking at Roshtein’s website and his past broadcasts, you can see that he prefers playing at more prominent casino brands with positive reputations. It means that if you want to win like him, Roshtein real money games are safe to try. His favorite go-to casino is his affiliate Stake Casino, mBit Casino, and Casino Room.

Does Roshtein Use Fake Money?

Other than the accusation from different forums under “Roshtein fake winnings,” another famous discussion is “Does Roshtein use fake money?”

Questioning high roller gamblers like Roshtein on how they bet and win any casino slot games is usual nowadays. Even if Roshtein always bets high, he seldom plays with €200 to €1,000 against the dealer.

Does Roshtein use fake money in betting? No. When a person bets large or small amounts, they can win or lose, but the bet can grow the longer they play. According to game experts, there is no conclusive evidence to ban or call Rostein fake.

Roshtein has been in this industry for many years now, and he had different experiences even before becoming famous. Many streamers have been outed because of their fabricated winnings and bets, but this doesn’t mean Roshtein is fake. If this accusation is true, it should be out by now. For now, enjoy the entertainment from his online casino streams.

Roshtein Slots and Top Games

Ishmael Swartz’s streams usually take several hours as he plays various games online. But looking at Roshtein’s accounts, you will see that he likes to play slot machines the most. Roshtein is known for his high bets and bonus rounds at slots. He wants to play on high volatility slots like Money Train, Book or Dead, Deadwood, and Danger High Voltage.

Biggest Wins

Roshtein’s biggest win in history happened on the 9th of February 2022, when he won $16.67 M with a bet of $1,500. This broke Roshtein’s record from Stake Casino’s Wanted – Dead or A Wild from October 2021 with a bet of $2,000 and winnings of $3.7M.

Biggest Falls

Even an experienced and renowned slot player can fail at gambling. He had a program on his Twitch where he presented highlights of his most significant failures. His followers witnessed how Roshtein lost almost $40,000 in a week.

Bonus Hunts & Other Programs

Roshtein is famous for his bonus hunts. These are free spins, wild cards, multipliers, and other special features on casino slot games. Roshtein plays these bonus hunts in advance and unveils them one by one on his live streams. Roshtein slots bonus rounds are when the big wins happen.

One thing his followers love about him is his sense of humor. He has a program where he will present his biggest losses, called RoshFails. For some, it is not easy to laugh at someone who just lost huge amounts of money, but Ishmael Swartz and his viewers find it funny and fascinating to watch.

Other Social Media

If your purpose in being an online broadcaster is to produce quality content and connect with your viewers, having Twitch and YouTube as platforms is not enough. That’s why even if Roshtein values his privacy, he created other social media accounts to connect and chat with his followers. It is also another way to share his affiliate links since Twitch had Roshtein banned from doing it.

The Roshtein Twitch account has 877K  followers, making Roshtein one of the most-watched streamers on Twitch. However, his schedule is not always the same. If you want to watch Roshtein’s real money plays for hours and chat with him, follow Roshtein’s official Twitch account.

Many YouTube accounts posted videos of Roshtein’s biggest win and top moments. But if you want to rewatch the replays of his streams or his top favorites, you should subscribe to Roshtein’s official YouTube account. He currently has 76.1K subscribers.

Instagram became one way of Roshtein connecting to his audience. 110K followers of Roshtein see his life outside gambling. Roshtein actively posts about his travels and some behind the scenes of his professional career as a streamer. Follow Roshtein’s official Instagram to see how a millionaire enjoys his life.

roshtein instagram

If you want to be updated with Swartz streaming updates, game highlights, and giveaways, following Roshtein’s official Twitter account is a good idea. His Twitter has 70.9K followers and counting.

Roshtein’s Facebook account has been one of his least social media profiles since 2019. He stopped using his Facebook to post various topics to share with his 10K followers. 

Roshtein’s Discord is a private chatroom where he can chat and answer questions from his followers. Since Twitch has had a new rule since August 2021 to ban streamers that use casino affiliate links, he uses Discord instead.

Roshtein uses TikTok. He posted his first TikTok video in 2020, and it got over 130K views. He posted short clips of himself playing slot machines and is currently followed by 2.2K followers.


Roshtein’s strength in being a professional casino streamer is in his entertaining slot gameplays, high-quality content, and ability to connect to his fanbase. His earnings, number of followers, and views prove that Ishmael Swartz found his niche in this industry.

Being a high roller with frequent wins and Rothstein’s net worth attracts both adoration and hate. He has been called names and accused of earning from using fake money. However, he is still thriving and is now recognized as one of the most-watched streamers of this era. Roshtein is a great broadcaster, player, and entertainer.


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