Overview of The Bandit Slots Streamer’s Path to Success

Many people have started to live-stream their activities, which can be anything from story-telling to singing to playing video games. Livestreaming is one of the most popular phenomena on the web today. Online casino streaming or gaming has become increasingly popular in recent years. As a result, people who stream or record themselves while playing casino games have emerged. One of these people is The Bandit Slots.

The Bandit Slots is one of the most popular niche high roller casino broadcasters. While he doesn’t stream slots live, he’s become a YouTube sensation. His cheerful, upbeat personality has earned him a devoted following. The Bandit Slots’ high stakes are what made him popular.

We’ll look at The Bandit Slots’ biggest wins and net worth in this article. We’ll also talk about his background and journey.

Who Is The Bandit Slots?

The Bandit Slots is an English slot enthusiast living in Wales who is known for his high-stakes style of play and sharp humour. The Bandit Slots’ real name is still a mystery. The streamer does not prefer live streaming as many others do. He pre-records his videos and then uploads them on his channels. He is also well-known for his huge bets. His audience adores him thanks to his witty personality. The face of the Bandit Slots is usually hidden; viewers can only hear his voice.

The Bandit Slots has had the most consistent viewer increase of any slot streamer, which is the measure of his success.

Streamer nameThe Bandit Slots
Origin15 July 2016
Followers9,000 (Twitch)
79,400 (YouTube)
Channel Rankings1,641st Country Rank – United Kingdom
3,744th – Entertainment rank
Total views29,362,864
Stream languageEnglish

Why Watch His Streams?

It’s a relaxing pastime to watch The Bandit Slots Streamer. Professional gamblers can teach new players a lot. Additionally, it allows you to experience the thrill of gambling without having to invest any money. Furthermore, The Bandit Slots Streamer is entertaining and lively. This is one of the reasons why his streams are so popular. His emotions are authentic.

Is The Bandit Slots Fake?

Everyone wants to know the answer to this question. The fact that you can’t see the streamer’s face is a little suspect. However, a visit to his website will convince you that the reverse is true. Furthermore, take a look at his YouTube account. In several of his videos, he simply talks with his audience. Would a fake do something like that? The Bandit Slots Casino Streamer follows everything you need to play legally. Gambling is also legal in the United Kingdom.

Because streaming and recorded slots are The Bandit Slots’ main source of income, the streamer plays for 40+ hours each week. Thus, it’s not surprising that he has many “Big-Wins.”

How to Watch the Streams

The following are the channels where you can watch streams from The Bandit Slots.

His Youtube Channel

The Bandit Slots YouTube Channel

The YouTube account of The Bandit Slots streamer has over 74,000 subscribers. This is a number that not every successful blogger can boast. The Bandit’s YouTube channel has grown slowly and steadily in the last four years, with a great loyal following. We believe that if YouTube stopped banning him, his growth would be even faster.

Each of his most-watched videos has racked up over 100,000 views. Because The Bandit’s uploads are such high-stakes, many casino fans come to the channel searching for fun and excitement.

Almost every day, a large number of streams are posted. Sunday Slots, Tuesday Slots, and so on are the names of the different types of slots. The Bandit Slots organizes the videos in such a way that they are easy to watch. So, every viewer can type in the right tag and find any video they want to watch.

His Twitch Channel

Since he is not very active on his Twitch Channel, The Bandit Slots has a Twitch following of 9,000 followers. The Bandit Slots does not do much live streaming, unlike other streamers. He prepares the videos ahead of time and uploads them to YouTube and his website.

The Bandit Slots Favorite Casinos

The Bandit enjoys a wide variety of slot machines, but a few stand out due to his passion for playing for big bets. The Bandit seemed to enjoy playing Reel King, which is most likely due to his luck on the machine. He also plays games like Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Mystery Box, Dead or Alive, and Primal Megaways, all fan favorites. The following is a list of official casinos where The Bandit frequently plays and is affiliated.

  • Mr. Vegas
  • Videoslots
  • Energy Casino
  • LV Bet
  • Grosvenor casinos
  • PaddyPower
  • Betfair

If you sign up for a recommended casino each month, you’ll have a chance to win a cash prize of up to £500.

Bandit Slots Online Streams Overview

The following is an overview of The Bandit Slots’ biggest wins and bet sizes.

Bet Size

The Bandit is one of the most high-stakes slot players in the industry. He enjoys playing at bet sizes that most of us would find frightening, yet there’s a thrill in seeing him play a high-volatility slot for £10 a spin.

Biggest Wins

The Bandit Slots YouTube channel has dozens, if not hundreds, of videos. If you want to view the streamers’ biggest wins, go down the channel page, and you’ll see a bunch of “big win” videos.

However, he had his biggest win on Reel King, The Bandit’s favorite casino game. He used the game’s gamble ladder bonus to a great advantage in 2018. This feature allows you to bet all your winnings on a standard 50/50 spin. The Bandit entered this round on a roll and walked away with more than The Bandit Slots Youtube Channel in winnings. His status among slot lovers was further enhanced due to this triumph.

Another of his biggest wins came in the fruit slot game Jammin Jars. He strives to collect as many strawberries as possible to increase his winnings. It’s like a casual game of three-in-a-row. However, it is not so simple to play it here. Initially, The Bandit Slots Streamer earned £8,625. He had to grab different fruits after the strawberries. They need to fall into the jars, which is a difficult task. He played six of the six free spins. In the end, he took home the prize of £100,156.50!

Biggest Loses

Winning can appear incredible to everyone. This, however, has not always been the case. Even The Bandit Slots had his share of failures and losses. On his YouTube channel, you can watch his biggest losses video.

Social Media

The Bandit Slots is quite active on social media. Check out his channels and personal website below.


Over 74,000 people have subscribed to The Bandit Slots streamer’s YouTube channel. His videos have been viewed more than 100,000 times. The videos at Bandit Slots are well-organized for effortless viewing.


The Bandit Slots Twitter account has 13.8 k followers under The Bandit’s Slot VC. His Twitter channel shows pictures of his son, the carrots his family grows, and other family activities alongside tweets about upcoming streams and games. Furthermore, he enjoys football. He appears to be a joyful, upbeat person.

Personal Website

Backinamo is the name of the Bandit Slots website. It was launched in 2020 and already had a substantial user base. The website offers all important and useful gambling information. The most recent videos, prize draw results can all be found there.

Furthermore, The Bandit Slots has a forum where visitors can converse and share their experiences. The streamer himself chats with them and responds. He also backs GamBan.

The Bandit Slots Net Worth

The Bandit Slots’ net worth is still unknown. He hasn’t even mentioned it on any of his social media accounts. He may have desired to keep his net worth disguised for many reasons because streaming is his only source of revenue. His monthly earnings from his channel are estimated to be $718, and his yearly earnings are $8.6K.

On the other hand, the streamer has made 700,000 euros from his big wins by playing slots and placing big bets. That is a substantial sum of money.

The Bandit Slot net worth would be far higher if we factored in the large sums of money he gets through affiliate partnerships.


The Bandit is the go-to slot streamer for those searching for high-stakes and high-adrenaline casino action. For The Bandit’s fans, the monthly prize draws are certainly a big attraction, and it’s good to see a streamer giving back to charities.


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