FrankDimes Casino Twitch Streamer Review 2022

These days, it’s possible to find discussions on any number of topics on the internet, broadcast by live streamers from all around the world. Topics such as cooking, gaming, and travel draw a lot of interest on live streaming platforms. Online gambling is no exception.

Casino slot streamers serve a crucial role in educating players by broadcasting games while they are being played. They attract folks who enjoy watching other people play and bet on online slot coins machines. FrankDimes is an example of a streamer who focuses on sharing his slot experiences online and is now receiving a lot of publicity.

In this article, we have compiled everything there is to know about FrankDimes streamer, his favorite casino, and more such exciting information. Let’s get started!

Who Is FrankDimes?

FrankDimes is a niche casino Twitch streamer who began his streaming career on Oct 26, 2021. He is passionate about online casino slots and turned them into his full-time professional career. His streams are fun to watch, and he is slowly becoming a prominent face in the streaming world.

Streamer nameFrankDimes
Real nameFrankie
OriginOct 26, 2021
Followers42.2K (Twitch)
Channel Rankings#234 most watched overall
#6 most watched Slots channel
#123 most watched English language channel
#6 most watched English language Slots channel
Highest viewers23K
Total views1.31M
Stream languageEnglish

Real Life

FrankDimes’ real name is Frankie. He is a very private person who does not discuss his personal life on the internet. We presently have no information regarding his background or his family. However, as soon as FrankDimes discloses details about his life on the internet, we will update this section.

About the Streaming Channel

As a rising celebrity in the Twitch casino streaming community, FrankDimes is known for his immersive and exciting slot-machine spinning videos. He broadcasts his slot machine gameplay on his channel on a regular basis and makes a point of sharing his schedule on Twitter. During his live streaming, FrankDimes frequently wears black sunglasses. He also wears his hat backward. This is his signature appearance on all his streams. He frequently collaborates with big players and streamers in the industry, including ROSHTEIN, DeuceAce, and VonDicetv. He also rewards his viewers and subscribers with points.

FrankDimes Net Worth

FrankDimes net worth and earnings on Twitch are unknown at this time. However, as a Twitch affiliate, we feel he makes a very good income. We’ll update this page as soon as we have more information, so stay tuned.

When and Where to Watch the Streams

You can watch his streams on the FrankDimes Twitch channel.

Twitch Channel

FrankDimes Twitch Channel

The FrankDimes Twitch channel has 40,600 followers. He is a Twitch Affiliate who has never been banned from the platform. His Twitch viewership record stands at 23,075 Peak Viewers. On Twitch, FrankDimes has a total view count of 1,335,161. He has streamed live for 860,265 hours on the platform. FrankDimes has streamed for 206 hours and 50 minutes in the last 30 days, with a peak of 23,075 views and an average of 3,801.

FrankDimes rewards 1 point to his viewers every 10 minutes. Subscribers are rewarded with 3x points. His stream schedule is detailed below.

  • On Sundays, between 4 a.m. and 11 p.m. IST, FrankDimes streams for up to 20 hours.
  • On Mondays, between 4 a.m. and 2 p.m. IST, FrankDimes frequently streams for 11 hours.
  • On Tuesdays, between 4 a.m. and 2 p.m. IST, FrankDimes usually streams for 11 hours.
  • On Wednesdays, between 3 a.m. and 2 p.m. IST, FrankDimes often streams for 12 hours.
  • On Thursdays, between 4 a.m. and 12 p.m. IST, FrankDimes typically streams for 9 hours.
  • On Fridays, between 3 a.m. and 1 p.m. IST, FrankDimes normally streams for 11 hours.
  • On Saturdays, between 5 a.m. and 3 p.m. IST, FrankDimes streams for 11 hours.

Does FrankDimes Use Fake Money?

Those who say FrankDimes uses fake money are doing little more than spreading a rumor. The streamer uses real money when playing online slots.

Why Is FrankDimes So Popular?

FrankDimes Streamer’s popularity grew as a result of his strong friendships with the popular Twitch streamers ROSHTEIN and VonDiceTV, who both appeared on his channel. During his live streaming, they frequently collaborate and tweet about one another. FrankDimes is also featured on ROSHTEIN’s website.

His Preferred Casinos

Stake and 777 casinos are where FrankDimes frequently plays. The streamer also won an amazing 298X on a $10 bet by playing Rocket Reels.

FrankDimes on Social Media

FrankDimes discord has 2,523 active community members. Apart from this, FrankDimes has accounts on the following social media platforms.


FrankDimes’ Instagram account has 1,100 followers. Although the streamer is not active on this platform, we can see that he shared a picture with the famous Twitch streamers Roshtein and VonDice.


The FrankDimes Twitter account has 908 followers. The streamer is very active on the platform, and he constantly updates his slot streaming schedule and timings. Before he goes live, he always tweets this information to his followers.

Final Thoughts

A happy and energetic streamer, FrankDimes is particularly enthusiastic about online slots. He puts forth a lot of effort and streams regularly. With his calm attitude and lively personality, he is slowly but steadily rising through the ranks of the online casino streaming community. He’ll soon be one of the most prominent slot casino streamers on the internet. If you are a serious slot gambling enthusiast, you should subscribe to his Twitch channel and watch his visually stunning streams.


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