Brian Christopher Slots Streamer 2022

If you love watching online gambling, you are most likely familiar with Brian Christopher, age 41, as of 2022. Brian Christopher Slots is a leading social media influencer for Millennials around the world and in the United States. His social media reach includes Brian Christopher slots TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, and more.

Brian Christopher Slots: General Info

Brian Christopher Slots’ real name is Brian Christopher. He was born on February 26, 1981, in Burlington, Ontario, Canada, where he spent his childhood. One of his parents was a teacher, the other a golf enthusiast, and he was the younger of two siblings.

His passion was acting, an industry in which he pursued a career. Brian achieved some fame in the TV series Stock and Awe, The Listener,and The Leftovers during his brief acting career.

He once worked as a General Manager at a popular bar in Paris. In 2015, Brian moved to Los Angeles. A year later, he began broadcasting Brian Christopher Slots on YouTube. Despite only gaining popularity recently, Brian Christopher’s YouTube channel has been around since June 17, 2006.

Between 2018 and 2019, Brian Christopher’s YouTube channel got suspended for violating Community Guidelines. YouTube said that his video “Smokin’ Hot Gems, BIG WIN, Mammoth Power Slot Machine Pokies w Brian Christopher” violated restrictions on violent or dangerous acts. The site also tagged it as a video that contained “serious harm or physical death.”

Streamer NameBrian Christopher Slots
Streamer’s real nameBrian Christopher
Streaming SiteYouTube
Brian Christopher Slots’ net worth$3 million
Streaming site start2006
Birthdate, ageFebruary 26, 1981; 41 years old
BirthplaceBurlington, Ontario, Canada
Biggest win$11,296 on Cannonball Express
Biggest multiplier9,042x on Mighty Cash

Facts About the Streamer

In his childhood, Brian was engulfed in the theater. He directed, wrote, and acted in many plays. He later studied Theater Performance in Toronto, Canada, after graduating from the Second City Conservatory program. At some point, he took a three-year hiatus to travel across Europe.

In 2008, Brian married his husband, Marco. They currently live in Palm Springs, California. Even though Brian Christopher was born and raised in Canada, his nationality is American.

After Brian Christopher Slots’ website and YouTube found success, he expanded to other social media, like Brian Christopher Slots TikTok.

Popularity Achievement

BC Slots popularity boomed when he posted his videos on his Brian Christopher Slots Facebook page. That year, his reach improved, and his audience doubled.

As of March 2022, his YouTube channel has reached over 325 million views and attracted over 488K subscribers. He also has a fan club where he teaches people how to play slots.

About Brian Christopher Slots Net Worth

Brian Christopher Slots’ net worth reached $3 million in 2022.

He regularly earns over $240K a year from his YouTube channel. Brian also has a Patreon page in which the lowest club membership fee is $5 and the highest is $20 per person per month.

Brian Christopher Slots Net Worth

Considering the consistency of Brian Christopher Slots’ schedule, he will likely continue earning from his channel.

When and Where to Watch the Streams

Brian Christopher Slots often goes to casinos and plays slots on-site. On some days, he live-streams his games. He uploads one or two daily videos to his YouTube and social media channels.

His videos are focused on unlikely jackpots and big wins on various slot machines, which is why he’s popular. Below is Brian Christopher Slots’ schedule on YouTube.

YouTube Channel

Brian Christopher Slots youtube channel

You can catch Brian’s live broadcasts on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 5 PM PT or 8 PM ET. This is the schedule for Brian Christopher slots on YouTube.

You can find Brian Christopher Slots’ schedule on his channel description. Sometimes, his live stream segment takes place three times per week. Brian also posts slots videos every day.

Brian Christopher also has a secondary YouTube channel named “Brian Christopher Online.” It has 57.4K subscribers and has accumulated over six million views. He uses this channel to upload and host some of his live streams.

Does He Use Real Money for Slots?

Yes, Brian Christopher Slots uses real money when he plays on casino slot machines. He says that he uses a strict entertainment budget for playing. Brian adds money from previous casinos trips to his entertainment budget. He also makes sure he understands how slot machines work and when to cash out.

Brian Christopher Slots: Biggest Win Amounts

Although Brian Christopher Slots’ net worth is in the millions, he regularly gains around $20K from his YouTube channel alone. On top of that, he collects earnings from his wins, merch, Patreon, donations, and ad revenue on his other social media platforms.

As the top-ranking slots channel on YouTube, how much were Brian Christopher Slots’ largest jackpots? Below, we’ll look at the top three of Brian Christopher Slots’ biggest wins.

$11,296 on a $20 Bet in Cannonball Express

One of his notable wins is when he bet $20 on Cannonball Express at the Angel of the Winds Casino Resort. He started with five paylines with a $10 bet and won $76. On the next game, he bet the maximum $20 and triggered the bonus round. He played 22 spins, which multiplied his wager by 542 times, earning him $11,296.

$3,253.50 on a $4.50 Bet in Buffalo Gold Revolution

Brian’s next biggest win occurred in October 2019 when he played the Buffalo Gold Revolution slots. He placed the maximum $4.50 bet, which immediately triggered a mini-game bonus feature. In the mini-game, Brian collected $27 and eight golden buffalos, triggering another bonus feature. It resulted in 38 free spins with a 723x multiplier, earning him $3,253.50 worth of coins on a $4.50 bet.

$7,233.83 on a $0.80 Bet in Mighty Cash

Brian Christopher Slots’ biggest win so far is when he played Mighty Cash in 2019 at the San Manuel Casino in Highland, California. In his biggest “jackpot of all time,” he used the minimum bet, $0.80. In the first minute, he won $120 and 24 free spins. This BC Slots Biggest Win was $7,233.83, which is 9,042 times Brian’s original bet.

Why Watch Brian Christopher Slots Streams?

Considering BC Slots net worth and #1 ranking in his niche, he is the best person to watch if you want to start watching slots streams. As an enthusiastic slot player and winner, Brian is the best person to learn from. You can enjoy and educate yourself further by joining his fan club, The Rudies Club.

Social Media Accounts

Brian Christopher Slots instagram

Brian Christopher Slots’ Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Snapchat, and YouTube are all linked to on Brian Christopher Slots’ website, Almost all his social media accounts share his brand BCSlots or Brian Christopher Slots. His social media accounts also share Brian Christopher Slots’ schedule for streaming and uploads.

Aside from his website, you can use his social media pages to watch and learn from his gameplay.

Note that Brian Christopher Slots doesn’t have a Discord. His website also lacks a forum. However, it seems many of his fan’s queries and discussions reach him through his other social media channels. He is most active on YouTube.

Final Thoughts

As one of the biggest names in slots, many viewers know Brian Christopher Slots well for his entertaining and exciting uploads. To gain the trust of his audiences, Brian Christopher upholds the utmost transparency and fair play in his games. Together, these elements make him the most-watched YouTube personality that focuses on playing casino slots.


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