An Overview of Heyitsjoe Streamer’s Journey to Date

One can find hundreds of online live broadcasters covering virtually all topics nowadays. Popular live-stream subjects include celebrity interviews, cooking, chess tournaments, and travel. Online gaming is no exception. Streamers who live stream games as they play are in high demand these days. Those who enjoy watching other people gamble on casino games are drawn to their channels.

Heyitsjoe is an example of a streamer who enjoys interviewing famous people and streaming casino games at the same time. Despite just being a part of the streaming industry for a short time, he’s increased his rank up and created a name for himself.

Everything about Heyitsjoe, from his location achievements to his go-to casino website, will be covered in this article. Let’s get started!

About Heyitsjoe Streamer

Streamer nameHeyitsjoe
OriginJune 26, 2018
Favorite casinoStake
Followers52,378 (Twitch)
7,610 (YouTube)
Channel Rankings#244 most-watched English Variety channel
Highest viewers3124 (Twitch)
Total views976,850 (Twitch)
603,015 (Youtube)
Stream languageEnglish

Twitch streamer HeyItsJoe is best known for his “getting to know” series, in which he interviews other celebrities in the gaming community. He was raised in New York.

Joe used to despise slot machines. But in recent years, Joe has had a significant shift in his perspective toward them. A new opportunity presented itself to him when he witnessed the growing popularity of gambling streams on Twitch. Afraid no one would watch him play, he eventually tried it out and was quickly sponsored. On his six-hour Livestream, Joe plays a variety of animated slot games that spin on and on as he blasts rock music and delivers dark jokes while chatting with fans.

Popularity and Achievements

HeyItsJoe’s personality is what attracts viewers, not the games themselves. He is well-known for his bald appearance. He attributes his own popularity to his sense of humor (he uses a lot of mom jokes), his taste in music (he prefers ’90s alt-rock), and his ability to connect with his audience. If any of his viewers are having a rough day, he sends them positive vibes.

Heyitsjoe’s Estimated Net Worth

Heyitsjoe’s net worth has not yet been disclosed. He does, however, make a solid income streaming and playing casino games at Stake casino. He also has active channels on YouTube and Twitch, which could bring in some revenue for him. In addition, he’s won a lot of money playing slots online. Overall, we believe he has a decent net worth.

When & Where Watch Streams

The following channels are where you can watch Heyitsjoe’s live streams.


Heyitsjoe Twitch

Heyitsjoe Twitch has 52,700 active followers. On June 27, 2018, he launched his Twitch channel. To keep viewers entertained, he plays a variety of slot machines and other casino games for long periods of time on his live stream. Slots, Grand Theft Auto V, and League of Legends are among the games he plays the most on Twitch. With a peak audience of 2,169, he has logged about 48,750 hours there. His channel is the 244th most popular English-language variety channel on the platform. He also collaborates with other well-known casino players with whom he streams live.


Heyitsjoe youtube

The Heyitsjoe Youtube channel has 7,610 subscribers and 603,015 total views. On his channel, he posts highlights from his live streams and videos of his insane winnings. He also hosts two series on his YouTube channel, “Morning Cup of Joe” and “Getting to Know,” in which he interviews well-known streamers and celebrities in-depth. From Andy Milonakis to “e-girl” Kandyland, several well-known online personalities have appeared on his YouTube channel. Additionally, Heyitsjoe engages with his viewers through the comments section.

Heyitsjoe’s Favorite Casinos

It’s no secret that Heyitsjoe prefers to play at Stake, the same casino site used by the biggest gambling streamers. Heyitsjoe enjoys playing on Stake because it has one of the largest game collections and allows Bitcoin deposits. Wanted Dead or A Wild, Fire Hopper, and Starz Megaways are among the most popular games played by Heyitsjoe. In addition, he enjoys the casino games Crazy Time and Plinko. As their affiliate, he also tests and plays a lot of the new slots that Stake continually adds.

Why Are Heyitsjoe Streams So Popular?

HeyItsJoe is popular because he does IRL stuff and gambles with real money. According to him, most of his streaming audience consists of problem gamblers who are attempting to overcome their addiction by living vicariously via streamers. Those who follow HeyItsJoe’s streams on Twitch say they’ve given up gambling as a result.  HeyItsJoe always warns his viewers that gambling is for people above the age of 21 and that they should only bet what they can afford. Fans appreciate the value and relatability of his entertaining streams and videos.

Media Profiles

Beyond his streaming channels, HeyItsJoe is also active across the following social media channels. Through his social media accounts, he interacts with fans and shares information about his streams and personal life.


HeyItsJoe’s Twitter account has 18,100 followers. He’s a frequent tweeter who shares his personal views, experiences, and pictures with his followers. He often engages in chats with other streamers, exchanging memes and humorous stories.


TikTok is another place where HeyItsJoe is active, posting short videos of his live streams and major wins.

Discord Account

The HeyItsJoe discord account consists of his loyal fans and subscribers. He frequently updates this community with his stream schedule and other life updates. He even chats and hangs out with his discord community members.

Official Website

HeyItsJoe is yet to launch an official website.


HeyItsJoe is primarily a Twitch slot streamer. He’s a New Yorker with a huge Twitch and YouTube following. He’s hilarious, savvy, and constantly cheerful. HeyItsJoe is a great example of how a normal person can become famous. His experience shows how important it is to put in the time and effort to achieve success. In addition, he does interviews with online streamers that are both entertaining and educational. We’re convinced that his insightful and humorous commentary will encourage you to visit his channel again and again.


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