OGRune Сasino Streamer Overview 2022

If you’re a die-hard casino slots lover who craves a touch of risk without actually losing anything, Twitch’s slots section is the perfect place for you.

It’s thrilling to watch someone else gamble with money that you don’t have and to be able to live vicariously through their experiences. In addition, you’ll enjoy the soothing sounds of a slot machine, vibrant graphics, and the laid-back Twitch community. What could be better?

One such popular and entertaining Twitch channel is the ClassyBeef. This Twitch channel debuted in 2019 and has since become one of the fastest-growing gambling channels on the internet. Apart from its rapid development, ClassyBeef is the second most-watched channel in the popular streaming platform’s specialized casino segment, with 100,000 followers.

A total of nine active streamers make up ClassyBeef. These are namely Espen, Joe, Nando, Biggo, Jonte, Georgi, Rune, and Lamar. Since many online casinos have their headquarters in Malta, all the streamers reside there.

Rune is one of the most passionate and ambitious members of the group. He wanted to take a step further toward creating his own journey in the iGaming Industry. Hence, he recently started his own Twitch channel called OGRune.

In this article, we will discuss everything there is to know about the OGRune streamer, his net worth, biggest wins, and much more. Let’s get started!

The OGRune Streamer

OGRune is a Norwegian niche slot streamer who currently lives in Malta. His real name is Rune, and his age is 28. He was previously a member of ClassyBeef, which consists of a group of streamers. He then decided to leave the group to make his mark and begin his own path in the world of slot games live-streaming.

OGRune is an extremely private person who does not reveal any details about his personal life online. We don’t know anything about him or his family at this time. This section will be updated as soon as OGRune posts information about them online.

Streamer nameOGRune
Real nameRune
Origin06 February 2015
Followers7.8k followers
Stream languageEnglish

Popular Streamer

Already a popular face among online slot enthusiasts and players, Rune decided to go his own way and launch his own live stream channel. He aspired to make his mark and advance his career in the field. He wanted to create his community on the platform since people enjoy his energetic streams.

When it comes to slot machine spins, OGRune is a rising star in the Twitch casino broadcasting world. On a regular basis, he streams his slot machine gameplay on his channel and tweets about it. OGRune frequently sports blonde hair and wears sunglasses while live-streaming. While streaming, he also wears a black jacket. This is his signature appearance.

About OGRune’s Net Worth

The exact OGRune net worth is still a mystery. However, we believe he must have a decent net worth since he was part of Classybeef. Twitch stream revenue and affiliate status with Stake casino are, without a doubt OGRune’s primary sources of income. You’ll notice affiliate links if you visit any of OGRune’s streams. OGRune earns casino commission when one of his viewers clicks on the link and becomes a client. He also gets additional earnings from slot game winnings, donations, sponsorships, affiliates, and advertisement revenues.

Where to Watch His Scheduled Streams

Twitch Channel

While he was part of the ClassyBeef Twitch channel, OGRune streamed on Twitch for thousands of hours while playing slots. OGRune’s Twitch account has 7,700 followers since he recently started his channel.

Where to Watch OGRune

You can watch OGRune streams on his Twitch channel.

His Preferred Casinos

OGRune’s favorite casino is Stake. Games like Fruit Party and Madame Destiny Megaways are OGRune’s specialty when streaming slot machines on Twitch.

Biggest Fails

Most online gamers, at the end of the day, are just like the rest of us. They occasionally take a risk that does not pay off. They do tend to lose some money because it is not always fun and roses for them.

OGRune does occasionally play large stakes, which can cause significant losses. It’s not surprising that he loses money, given how new he is to online gaming and slots. Even the most seasoned players in the game lose from time to time.

Biggest Wins

While being part of the ClassyBeef team, OGRune and his childhood friend Espen set a new world record on Fruit Party on February 7th when they won a massive 500,000 euro prize. It was his biggest victory of all time. OGRune and Joe from Classybeef also won a massive 469,750 dollars playing Wanted Dead or Wild. OGRune, along with Freddy from Classybeef, also won an incredible $2,59,720 on a $200 bet while playing Stack’Em.

You can watch this game recording on ClassyBeef’s YouTube channel.

Available Social Media Pages

OGRune’s Discord account has 825 active community members. He regularly updates and chats with his fans and members on this platform. OGRune also runs his personal website called ogrune.com. On his website, he posts giveaways, casino recommendations, bonus codes, and prizes.

OGRune also runs his store on the stream element website. OGRune rewards his viewers with 5 points every 10 minutes. Subscribers are rewarded with 2X points, and all followers will receive 100 Points upon following him. His fans can get a chance to win a $1,000 bonus, an iPhone worth $1,500 and other giveaways.

Is OGRune Fake?

Those who claim that OGRune is fake are doing nothing but spreading rumors, as he is a legitimate player who uses real money while playing online slots. He also encourages responsible gaming and educates community members about the different types of gambling and how the gambling industry operates.


OGRune is quickly rising to prominence in the world of live streaming. He wants to alter the way people think about the iGaming business. He takes pride in being part of the streaming community and the slot games live-streaming trend.


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