Slotspinner – The Rising Star of Online Casino Streaming

Casino streaming has become quite popular among online casino gamblers because it is entertaining and interactive. You don’t have to invest any money to witness all-in casino games action with other viewers. As a result, a growing number of casino Twitch streamers are rising to the top.

Slotspinner, a German guy who enjoys playing online slots, is one such upcoming casino streamer. Known for his distinctive glasses, He has witnessed some amazing wins during his streaming career. His tournaments and giveaways guarantee that fans are rewarded for watching.

This article will go into Slotspinner’s net worth, biggest wins, and other fascinating details about the casino streamer in great depth!

Introduction to Slotspinner

Slotspinner is a high roller casino streamer. He primarily streams and spots. Aside from slot machines, he enjoys playing table games such as roulette, blackjack, and others.

The variety of games he plays helps him maintain the attention of his audience. This is one of the secrets to his steadily increasing viewer numbers. Despite his channel’s brief existence, his charming personality and entertaining videos made him famous.

Streamer nameSlotspinner
OriginJan 13, 2016
Followers23,543 (Twitch)
22,400 (Youtube)
Channel Rankings#193 most-watched Slots channel
#78 most-watched English Slots channel
Highest viewers279
Total views1,770,817
Stream languageEnglish and german

At the Start of His Career

2016 marked the beginning of this streamer’s professional journey. In the beginning, he hardly got any views. However, Slotspinner is now a widely known name among gambling enthusiasts. He is multilingual since he streams games in English, German, and occasionally Swedish!

Becoming Famous

When we checked his early streams, there were very few of them. None of them crossed 2k or 3k views in a single day. By 2019, his fame had skyrocketed, and the number of views his videos got had soared, reaching 20 and 25 thousand views in a day.

The crucial aspect behind this growth was consistency and hard work. Then, Slotspinner began to stream as frequently as he possibly could. The number of games he played increased. A broader audience was drawn to him as he participated in different types of games. In the last two years, a single video of his received an amazing 118k views.

He’s currently one of the most well-known figures in the gambling industry.

SlotSpinner’s Net Worth and Estimated Earnings

The exact net worth of SlotSpinner is still unknown. He hasn’t even mentioned it on any of his social media accounts. However, SlotSpinner makes a decent amount of money on Twitch each month from subscriptions and advertising. Other sources of income for him include charitable donations, YouTube ad revenue from his videos, and casino affiliate signups.

Where and When to Watch His Streams

You can watch SlotSpinner’s streams on his Youtube and Twitch channels.

YouTube Channel

slotspinner youtube channel

SlotSpinner has an active YouTube channel with 22,400 subscribers. He frequently posts stream updates, highlights of his huge wins, and other interesting streaming sessions with his wife. He has total views of 11,437,541 on the platform, which is great for a casino streamer.

The Slot spinner YouTube channel also has several short videos covering other casinos. Several brands are represented through a series of videos titled Table Game Tales. By splitting the content into various thematic playlists, it is well-organized.


SlotSpinner Twitch Stats

On his Twitch channel, SlotSpinner broadcasts practically every day. On average, the videos are between two and four hours long. In addition to the slot machines, he also discusses table games and live casinos in his streams. Viewers are also rewarded with points while watching his stream, which they can use to enter occasional raffles.

In 2022, Slot Spinner streamed a total of 16.6 hours. SlotSpinner has not yet become a Twitch Partner. As of today, Slot Spinner has 23,550 followers and 1,775,966 total channel views and has played 1 game.

Slotspinner’s stream schedule, as per German time, is:

  • Monday – 14:50 – 18:00 – 3h 15m
  • Tuesday – 14:10 – 17:50 – 3h 45m
  • Wednesday – 14:10 – 17:00 – 2h 45m
  • Thursday – 21:20 – 00:00 – 2h 40m
  • Friday – 16:50 – 20:00 – 3h 10m

SlotSpinner rarely streams on weekends.

SlotSpinner Largest Wins

The sum of the winnings a casino streamer has won is the best way to gauge their success. Although SlotSpinner has won many slot games, his three most incredible victories are discussed below.

5551X On Pirate Kingdom Megaways

The wife of SlotSpinner excelled at the slot game Pirate Kingdom Megaways. LeoVegas is the game provider. There are just six free spins available. She is attempted to acquire pirates and chests, which are the game’s wild symbols. She managed to win €705 at first. This gave her an additional ten spins. Finally, the couple managed to earn €11,103 following a sequence of wins.

7212X On Genie Jackpots Megaways

In the Genie Jackpots Megaways game, SlotSpinner made a total deposit of €2,500. A bonus was awarded when a genie symbol appeared. The streamer himself stated how difficult it is to obtain them. At first, he gathered three genies at the same time. They offer him ten free spins as well as Mystery Wishes. The streamer won more than 144,000 SEK due to this bonus! This is almost 14,400 euros, a huge win for a €2 bet.

25995X On Dead Or Alive 2

Dead or Alive 2 is one of the most popular casino games. This game can be found at a lot of online casinos. Coin deposit slot spinner placed an €800 deposit while playing this game, and his wife played it. The game was played with 11 free spins, which initially led them to win 400 coins. However, the free spins led to 12,200 coins, and in the end, the couple walked away with a whopping 482,005 coins (25995x).

Slotspinner’s Favorite Casinos

Following are the list of slot spinner’s favorite casinos where he usually plays at:

  • Wildz
  • Dunder
  • LeoVegas
  • National casino
  • 20 Bet
  • Megaslot
  • Casino days
  • Energy casino

You can check the rest of the list published on his website.

Is SlotSpinner Legit?

Fortunately, most casino and slot streamers, like Slot Spinner, are legit since they deposit and play with real money. Casino Streamers follow all applicable laws and Twitch’s community guidelines to the letter. Twitch prohibits illegal gambling.

What’s Special about His Streams and Why Do People Watch Them?

If you’re a regular viewer of SlotSpinner’s Livestream, you know that he never fails to keep things exciting for his viewers. He offers players nonstop action and excitement in the form of thrilling slot-winning sessions and tournaments, as well as an engaging and immersive gaming atmosphere.

SlotSpinner’s streaming habits differ slightly from others. Many people are drawn to him because of his calm personality. Only when he wins does he display strong emotions. Slotspinner can be watched by those who find other streamers overly emotional. The streams are more thrilling when his wife plays instead of him.

Music is a big part of Slotspinner’s life; therefore, viewers love hearing music playing in the background of his streams. He also enjoys chatting and interacting with his audience.

SlotSpinner on Social Media

SlotSpinner is quite active on social media and has accounts on the most popular platforms. Most of his online persona is centered around video games. Because he makes money from playing, this is a reasonable conclusion.

Nearly 2,300 people follow Slotspinner on Instagram. Usually, there are photos of him and his wife and family.

Slotspinner Twitter has 2,596 active followers. He frequently posts his streaming schedule and game highlights. As a result, his fans can keep tabs on his most recent videos. He also keeps his fans updated about new games, casinos, and bonus experiences.

Additionally, the Slot spinner Discord has a 1,422-member community. He also has a personal website that lists his favorite casinos.

Final Thoughts

In online gaming, SlotSpinner is steadily establishing himself as a knowledgeable broadcaster. As someone who enjoys what he does, he has a relaxed attitude. This streamer deserves your attention because of his consistency and cool personality.


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