WatchGamesTV: A Glimpse into the Streamer’s Journey So Far

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a first-person shooting game with a competitive element. Played by gamers throughout the world, it’s one of the most popular online games. Many CS:GO fans also enjoy watching other players online to learn the best game strategies.

If you’re a CS:GO enthusiast or have ever played the game, you’ve probably seen the WatchGamesTV channel before. A popular streamer of CS:GO games, he interacts with his viewers and gives them useful tips to stay ahead in the game and win. For those who would like to watch WatchGamesTV gambling, he also streams exciting slot games, further expanding his fan base.

In this article, we have compiled all the details about WatchGamesTV, including his favorite casinos and gambling style.

Facts About WatchGamesTV

WatchGamesTV is a well-known niche Twitch streamer and YouTube channel. Ibbyy Zekerie is the streamer’s real name. His parents are of Turkish descent and currently reside in Canada. The streamer is 5’11 tall and his birthday is July 25, 1992, making him 29 years old. His zodiac sign is Leo.

Streamer nameWatchGamesTV
Real nameIbbyy Zekerie
OriginApr 15, 2014
Current ResidenceCanada
Followers86,100 (Twitch)
3,90,000 (YouTube)
SpecialtiesTop 0.05% of Twitch
Channel Rankings#1,951 most watched English channel
Total views61,638,369 (YouTube)
Stream languageEnglish

Early Life

Born in Bulgaria, he immigrated to Canada when he was 13 years old and was raised and went to school there. From a young age, Ibbyy Zekerie was interested in video games and loved playing them. He grew up playing Counter-Strike games and wanted to turn his passion into a profession. Seeing other YouTubers streaming their live games, Ibbyy Zekerie got the idea to start his own channel and stream his gameplay. This led to him launching the WatchGamesTV channel in 2014.

Gaining Popularity

WatchGamesTV gained popularity due to his gaming skills, insights, and commentary on a wide range of games, including Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. His peaceful and cheerful personality, as well as his unique approach to slot games, have made him a huge hit amongst online casino lovers. He always appears wearing a hoodie and a fun cap with quotes written on it. He is down to earth and loves to chat with his audience, giving them honest reviews and tips.

WatchGamesTV: Net Worth

WatchGamesTV’s net worth is still unknown. However, as per many online sources, his net worth is around $200,000–$1 million. His primary earnings come from his YouTube channel revenue, advertisements, sponsorships, affiliates with casinos, and game winnings. As per his YouTube statistics, he has earned $3.84K in the past 90 days.

When and Where to Watch the Streams

The following are the channels on which you can watch WatchGamesTV’s streams:


WatchGamesTV’s Youtube has 391,000 subscribers with 61,638,369 channel views. He uploads his Twitch game recordings and his biggest slot wins to this channel. He also hosts a series on his channel called “Wheel Decides Which Bonuses to Buy.” When he spins a wheel and lands on a slot game, he purchases a bonus buy on that particular slot game. His bonus buys range from $3 to $10k each game, and he only does this for a few slot machines at a time.

On top of all that, he goes into detail about each slot machine he plays, offering his advice and insights to his audience. He is best known for a YouTube video in which he gives away $30,000 to strangers dressed as Santa Claus. This is an example of his kind nature.

Ibbyy Zekerie is his second YouTube WatchGamesTV channel and has 5,400 subscribers. It’s his VLOG channel, where he routinely comments on his daily life, travels, and other experiences.


WatchGamesTV stats

The WatchGamesTV Twitch account has 86,700 followers. WatchGamesTV primarily streams slot games. In addition to CSGO, he streams Old School RuneScape from time to time. In 2022, WatchGamesTV streamed 179 hours of content. Twitch has partnered with WatchGamesTV. According to our Twitch statistics, WatchGamesTV presently has 86,700 followers, 1,102,345 total channel views, and has played a total of 10 games within that period. He’s in the top 0.5% of all Twitch channels and has a 1,951 English channel ranking.

Why Watch WatchGamesTV Streams?

WatchGamesTV’s online presence is quite laid back. Like other streamers, he has a calming voice and doesn’t use bad language to attract attention. Additionally, the background music is relaxed and not overbearing. His simplicity and transparency set him apart from the other click-bait casino streamers. He’s always a ray of sunshine. He’s not afraid to say why he doesn’t like a game and its features out loud. This means he is a trustworthy individual to follow. He also provides coupons and promocodes to his viewers.

WatchGamesTV: Gambling Style Overview

WatchGamesTV’s go-to bet is $50. WatchGamesTV’s main gambling plan is to let a wheel pick which casino to play at and which bonuses to buy. He’s also a bonus hunter, having once gone bonus hunting for a $100,000 bonus hunt opening and getting an amazing 61 unique bonuses.

Favorite Casinos for Online Gambling

The following is a list of some of the licensed and reliable casinos that WatchGamesTV frequently plays at:

  • Roobet
  • Gamdom

Most Played Games

His most played games include Misery Mining, which is an online slot developed by Nolimit City with up to 823,543 ways to win and a top prize of 70,000. In addition to CS: GO, his other most played games include Gems Bonanza and Extra Juicy Megaways.

Biggest Wins

WatchGamesTV got his biggest win by playing Joker Bombs by Hacksaw Gaming. In one spin, he got a whopping win of $29,310 on a $50 bet. The Tomb of Akhenaten slot is where he received nine spins and won an insane $25,120.

Is WatchGamesTV Fake or Legit?

WatchGamesTV is unquestionably legit, as he has been streaming for several years and has a solid reputation in the online gaming scene. He never got banned from any platform and bets with real money while playing casino games online. Therefore, he is a genuine streamer with excellent gaming capabilities.

Social Media Profiles

WatchgamesTV Instagram

Along with an active WatchgamesTV discord channel, the streamer is quite active across all social media platforms. The WatchGamesTV Twitter account has 123.8K followers. He frequently tweets about his stream updates, his winnings, and other details about his life. In addition, he engages in lighthearted banter with other streamers on the platform. WatchGamesTV (Ibbyy Zekerie) has 21k followers on Instagram. His Instagram feed mainly has photos of his personal life, his trip to Dubai, and other fun pictures with his friends.

WatchGamesTV also has an official website at The website provides details on his social media profiles, specifications of the computer equipment he uses, sponsors and affiliates list, as well as an FAQ section covering his personal details.


Canada-based streamer WatchGamesTV is a rising star in the industry. His multiple game wins are a testament to his superior skill. Viewers appreciate and learn from his streams because he is one of the top players in the world.

For gamers who want to enhance their gaming abilities or who simply want to laugh along with a charming streamer who goes crazy after nailing the round-winning 360° no-scope headshot, then the WatchGamesTV streamer is well worth your time and money. The channel is great to watch even if you’re not looking for a serious experience and just want to enjoy some fast-paced action.


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