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Twitch and YouTube offer platforms for individuals to find their niches in online broadcasting. These sites have millions of active users and have become a source of income for many. One example of a famous YouTuber is Lady Luck HQ.

Francine also pointed out how important it is to have a niche audience for your content that will come back to your channel and watch your videos to the end. Stream elements are essential. The number of engagements on donations, chat, comments, and the viewer’s hours significantly affects getting a higher CPM. As of March 2022, Lady Luck HQ on YouTube has 214K subscribers and was on the list of the top 5 most-watched slot casinos channels.

Why Watch Lady Luck HQ?

If you are looking for a new type of content to watch that will be worthy of your time, Lady Luck HQ is the channel you should try. She mainly broadcasts herself traveling to different casinos and playing slot machines.

Lady Luck on YouTube is different from the usual streamers in the online gambling industry. Since she is gambling at land-based casinos, the excitement as a viewer is different as you watch her use different betting styles and get excited with bonus rounds. Lady Luck HQ also engages with her viewers during streams and answers their questions.

Biggest Wins in Casino Slots

Lady Luck HQ created a separate playlist so that her viewers could quickly see her videos. If you look at the videos, Lady Luck HQ has managed to win a lot of jackpots. If you are more familiar with online casinos, you will be surprised that Lady Luck HQ’s average winnings are between $10,000 and $20,000.

But in July of 2021, Lady Luck hit her most significant win in Las Vegas. She won the grand jackpot of $98,965.60 and a total of $100,503.10 on Huff n Puff after the whole round.

Does Lady Luck HQ Play With Real Money?

The allegations on an internet forum about casino streamers using fake money can’t be used against Lady Luck HQ. Francine broadcasts herself and her husband at different casinos in Las Vegas, where they play slot machines with real money.

The issue of her casino winnings became a hot topic in a forum and in some comments sections. She saw this and explained the whole story to all her viewers. She said that the casinos she played were at Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, and the voucher she had was a special feature offered to them. The people who called her out stopped, and so did the allegations of her using fake money.

Social Media Accounts

Lady Luck HQ is probably the most active streamer on social media. Streamers or influencers use different types of social media to create a stronger online presence. This method is also used to build an online community where you can chat with the creators. Here are the social media accounts of the famous Lady Luck HQ:


The Lady Luck HQ Facebook account already has 204K followers, and it is where she posts duplicate videos for her viewers who do not use YouTube. Francine also does live streams on Lady Luck HQ Facebook, where she posts affiliate links to casinos where she is currently playing. Check out Lady Luck HQ Facebook and get a chance to win a $500 gift card by joining the community.


Lady Luck HQ Instagram

Francine runs the Lady Luck HQ Instagram account and she posts casino and personal updates there. You will also see various highlights of Francine’s casino moments on her profile. If you want to get noticed by her, follow Lady Luck HQ Instagram account and join her 34.1K followers.


Lady Luck HQ TikTok

Francine is a very happy person, and videos on her TikTok account are good proof of that. The official TikTok of Lady Luck HQ has over 65.8K followers and 1.3 million likes. The viewers on TikTok like her sharing different casino experiences such as rolling bonus spins and winning cash. If you are a TikTok user, follow Francine @ladyluckhq.

Official Website

Lady Luck HQ’s official website is full of posts of her recent and past videos. If you click on the red tab on the left side, you will see tabs redirecting you to Lady Luck HQ Facebook account, TikTok, and YouTube. There are also tabs for promotions, events, and details on how you can contact the YouTuber and be featured on her next video.


So, who is Lady Luck HQ? It is a YouTube channel made and handled by a Georgian couple named Francine and Miran Maric. Lady Luck HQ has a massive viewership on YouTube and is recognized as the most-watched female casino Youtuber. Filming casino broadcasts is not their main job. They only visit various casinos and enjoy gambling as a hobby.

Daily uploads, chatting, giveaways, and producing merch are simple ways to give back to their viewers. The couple also loves to share tips on casino attendants that sometimes surprise their live viewers. Like the attendants, the couple deserves love, support, and popularity due to their passion and hard work.


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