Another Incredible Buffalo King Slot Victory for Roshtein

Popular Twitch slot streamer Roshtein sets off on a journey across the prairie in the hopes of seeing a stampede of buffalo. Playing Pragmatic Play’s fascinating adventure on the reels is full of free spins, Wilds, and massive wins! It is a promising video game, despite the fact that the gameplay might be a bit stale at times.

On May 5, 2022, Roshtein, a high roller, bet a stunning $700 on the Buffalo King Slot. He had $495,409 in his account at Stake casino, where he was playing. He received 8 free spins to get the game started. In between spins, Roshtein casually tells his life story to the people watching. When it comes to slots, he’s honed his skills in games where he can simultaneously play and engage with his audience.

While playing, one can witness him getting more and more extra free spins. By the halfway point of the game, Roshtein had already won $203,350 and had 8 free spins left. At the end of the gaming session, Roshtein was extremely thrilled watching the movement of the slot reels, and he ultimately succeeded in winning an enormous sum of $317,275 in 61 free spins.

Several doubters were present throughout all of Roshtein’s Buffalo King Slot streams, but he has consistently disproven them. In various instances, Roshtein has questioned this slot game. Although the bonus round normally begins with a few dead spins, the final payout is extremely generous.