Gems Bonanza Gives WatchGamesTV the Best Gift He Could Have Asked For

Sometimes, things just go your way. Sometimes, a winning streak hits hard and blows away all the despondency you accumulated during the dry spell. That’s life as a gambler, and for someone like WatchGamesTV, who has been plugging away with Gems Bonanza slot for a while and knows and loves the game, it is always a treat to see things fall into place. Literally. The gems in the game fell into place big time for WatchGamesTV in this video, because as soon as he started rolling, the bonuses kept piling up. This gave him the heart to go and try out something truly behemoth: a 30,000 USD buy-in.

People don’t often take such high risks. When things are going well, most people quit while they are ahead. Sometimes though, when one feels invincible, things like common sense take a back seat, and the game takes over. WatchGamesTV felt it here because even after he accumulated quite a number of wins, he went in for the big one. And it was an exciting thing to see. He broke through the multiplier levels one by one, and though he didn’t beat the buy-in amount, he came really close and walked away with 27,000 USD in winnings.

Yet, he didn’t seem too bothered. He was happy and satisfied that it had worked so well and kept his hopes up for the next time. His energy is infectious, and you will feel it, too, as you watch him navigate the cascading gems.