Piggy Bankin’ My Way to Victory: Brian Christopher Breaks the Bank

Everything’s better when people come together to celebrate something. This is an inviolable fact of human society, and Brian Christopher Slots proves it in this video of Group Slot Pull which he performs on Rudie’s Cruise. The game he plays is Piggy Bankin’ Slot Machine, but it wouldn’t be correct to say that it is he who plays the game, because he doesn’t. He lets others play it for him. And at the end of the day, everyone who takes part gets to take home a share of the profits.

For this particular party, the game starts with a hundred dollars, and by the end, everyone who took part had $112 to their name, making this a very exciting episode for anyone who is a longtime follower of Brian’s content. How it works is very simple: people line up and approach the machine; they each get ten spins, any free spins they get are theirs to spin in addition to their designated ten; and everyone gets to send shout-outs and introduce themselves beforehand.

What really sells the video, what really puts a smile on the face of the viewer, is the atmosphere. The people are there to have fun. More than the machine, hearing the contestants cheer each other on and ask for bonuses and jackpots creates a very positive atmosphere, and the constant support they show each other really creates a sense of belonging. You really get the sense that they care, and that makes you care as well.