SpinlifeTV Big Win by Playing The Hand of Midas

In the world of Twitch casino streaming, SpinlifeTV has amassed an impressive following of 83,100 subscribers. The channel live-streams slot gaming sessions and continuously looks for new slot games to play. The Hand of Midas game was the perfect opportunity for SpinlifeTV to put their skills to work and perhaps even win a large sum of money. Based on the Greek legend of the king who turned everything he touched into gold, Pragmatic Play’s the Hand of Midas slot machine is a high-quality game with stunning graphics. Random multipliers and up to 45 free spins with sticky wilds and progressive multipliers are hidden in a normal five-reel, 20-line setup, making this a clever way to play slots.

In addition to extremely high volatility, the Hand of Midas offers significant average returns of 96.54% and maximum rewards of up to 500,000X.

SpinlifeTV bet 30 dollars. The streamer won $1,737 in 19 free spins in the first half of the game. With the bonus buy, he was able to get 25 free spins for the next round. As the game picked up, the streamer started winning 1X, 2X and was ecstatic. SpinlifeTV was chatting with his live-chat audience at the same time. Suddenly, he started winning a sequence of sensational prizes totaling more than $90,000. He walked away with a grand total of $95,832. The streamer was quite pleased with the ultimate prize money.