Stop And Step by Jurassic Party to See the Wilds Scatter Like Never Before

Many gamblers are under the misguided conception that only high stakes can earn big results. You will see some folks bet hundreds upon hundreds of dollars to get a good payday, not realizing that there are several machines with a much loyal betting requirement capable of giving out huge cash prizes. Stop And Step demonstrates this in this video when he attempts to tame Jurassic Party by taking on every stake they offer and playing them through to get some wins.

The stakes played were 15p, 30p, 45p, 75p, £1.20, £1.50, £2.25, £3, £4.50, and £5. Stop And Step managed to make a profit on every single stake. Some were huge, some not quite so much. Nothing will ever top the run he had for £2.25, though. The scatters kept coming and coming, taking the entire screen out multiple times. By the end, he was looking at a £2,035.95 win, 904 times the value of the stake! Now, if that doesn’t sound like a wild ride to you, you’re missing out on Jurassic Party slot!

Darren single-handedly shows that even the smallest of bets can take you to the highest of places and that no small buy-in should be looked down upon. More than anything, he proved that Jurassic Party should be a mainstay in any gambler’s list of top games because it’s just that much fun to play! Check it out today!