The Dreams of The Big Jackpot Guys Sink in the Sand Traps of Sahara Gold Slots

Not every session can be a winner, and this is something every gambler knows and accepts. It is in trying that virtue truly lies. The Big Jackpot guys really try with Sahara Gold, but the game reminds them why its namesake is the most challenging place to be in the world. The Big Jackpot set some rules for themselves: whatever happens, the session will end in 100 spins. If the gods of luck favor them, it will be in these 100 spins. Most of the time, they come away with a lucky win. Unfortunately, this is not one of those times.

They start promising. They get the three taj mahals, but then Jackpot Jennie picks an unimpressive reward. The stint of bad luck continues until they get the bonus again, winning six free spins, during which they make up some of the money, but it is not enough. The Sahara only shows them mirages, as they come close to gold many a time, but it always remains fingertips away. In the end, it is a disappointment for both the players and the fans, but such is the life of a gambler.

The Big Jackpot people had walked in with $2,500 and had managed to win back only $577, resulting in a loss of $1,923. But it did nothing to dampen their spirits, which is always good to see!